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Hallelujah!!! A Photoshop book that indicates new or improved Photoshop features! 


Adobe Photoshop CS6
Class room in a book

With 14 lessons I was able to cover most of the book in two weeks, spending about 2 hours a day


You are an addict of digital scrapbooking ... and are Sortir du cadrealways looking for new submissions.

You know a bit with Photoshop or PhotoFiltre image editors... and have an horror of the complication : while these pages, which show you some simple effects to achieve are for you!

Feel free to get started! And if your software image processing does not perfectly match with the examples, the adjustment should not give you any problems. Because everything is derived from "standard" functions.


1 -slides style

Slides put down uncarelessly on a table ... Ideal to stage a series of pictures almost identical in one of your Scrapbooking pages ...

Diapositives en vrac

And to achieve, nothing could be simpler ... you scan "slides" that you catch in photoshop to place your own image ...

If you do not have a scanner ... All explanations and downloads are on This page... at your disposal!

Click tutoriel diapo

2 - Blending style photos

This is to give the illusion of a complex assembly of pictures that recreate the original image ... Several levels of difficulty depending on the desired result ... Borders torn edges or not ... Everything is explained in detail in the tutorial HERE.

Just build the first border that will frame all the mini-picture ... then select a rectangle of fixed size, parts of the base image that you keep ...

Tutoriel assemblage multiples photos

3 - Accordion-style picture

You'll give a 3rd dimension to your image by making it literally out of its context ... Such a picture fold.

This amazing effect provides an attractive highlight to your photos, including panoramics (those obtained by assembling several photographs offset).

Panoramique Port Navalo en accordéon

Very easy to implement ... Just use the perspective tool associated with the selection tool ...

A little bit of shade and a little of light ... and the lay-out comes alive on your worksheet digitascrap!

Tutoriel photo accordéon

4 - Magazine Style

Post your own photos within the pages of a magazine ... and realize the book that YOU are the hero.

Page de Magazine

This is really not difficult and the effect is guaranteed! You need pictures of magazine pages (available HERE) And the photos you want to include.

5 - Style Picture inside Picture

This effect is often met in the pub ... Bluffing and yet very simple to make ...


photo inside photo


You will find all the explanations, including the folded corner photo edge... in this step by step...

Feel free to test this effect.

Tutoriel Image dans image

6 - TV style

In this step, you're the star of TF1! You appear on the TV screen ...

To mount this pleasant, relatively few resources ... A photo of your TV set, one that represents you or your children.

The tutorial show you how to "weave" your photo to better mimic the TV image (Ah, this step will become obsolete when HD TV set which has invaded our homes!)


Tv pour vous

Tutoriel image télévision


7 - Out of image Style

Very often seen in magazines, including fashion ... The subject seems to spring out of the picture and gives it the 3rd dimension that is missing!

This is not a difficult effect to achieve ... Simply learn to use the pen tool in PhotoShop ... but you will find here an easy way to learn how to use the pen tool photoshop to clip pictures !

Tutoriel Hors du Cadre


8 - The film slides style

A movie slide which winds ... That is a classic effect...


Effet de film diapositives


This step by step explains how to build just the film, how to place photos and how to give the effect of winding 3D ...

You can also download the film ready if you're in a hurry ... and place your photos. Download the file HERE...

Tutoriel Film pellicule