You always take the photos ... Result, your children and your husband are in all your scrapbooking pages... but you almost never be there!

In 20 years, 30 years ... your children will be happy to see these pictures of their childhood ... but they would be more better if they could relocate you in the context!

It is time to rectify this and decide that this time, you will have YOUR place in a scrap album! Oh gosh! An album that will be dedicated to you, once will not hurt, and that the future generations could give to your descendants: a "book of me"! A book about you!


The book of me: B.O.M !

It's an album that will tell your life ... Either since your birth… or at more precise times, which marked you and which were important for you.


It is also the place to talk about anything that represents you, your desires, your dreams, your style of clothing, your favorite dishes, your character ... also to reveal the secret part that is in you ...

It is also an opportunity to implement your knowledge on the Heritage style and create beautiful pages about your past life

Some Ideas for your BOOK OF ME!

To better structure the page, I chose to present the topics as chronological ... but it is obvious that this is only to ease of reading : for your own BOM you adopt the timeline you want!

No doubt you would know more in detail what to put in your BOM when you've finished reading this page.

First. What format will you choose? A large 30x30 album that will be dedicated to your life ? A more intimate format 15x15 or a home made mini-album or a simple small workbook to Book with binding rings that you keep in your bag?

Your roots ... where are you from ?

Have you started your "family tree"? This is an opportunity to do so, to look with your grandma where your family comes from, in what country your ancestors lived, to get out old photos or old engravings and practice your talents for the HERITAGE stytle !


What was the job of your great-grandparents? Is there any story to tell about them? Do you have a "family home" with walls loaded with happy or tragic stories ?


Do not let the little "secrets" disappear : Question the old persons living in the village of origin of your family -they love it- take a photo of them and after, scrap their memory page !

Do you have pictures of the birthplace of your mother, your father? What do you know about their childhood, the life they led before their marriage? How do your parents have they encountered? What was life like back then? Is there was a war that has temporarily separated your dad and your mum?


The marriage of your parents! You probably have photos of the event! Black and white shots for olders, Color picture for others you will have to age to better integrate them into your BOM. In this regard, remember that it is better to not work with the original: scan your old photos or make withdrawal with PhotoBox or Snapfish!


And your grandparents? Do you have a military photo of your great father? A photograph in local costume of your grandmother. Did you have an ancestor fisherman? Or farmer?



Your birth, childhood ...

Have you a picture of your pregnant mum when she was waiting for you? The smile of a mother waiting for a birth is always wonderful!

9 months

At what time of day were you born? Where? At the clinic, with your parents, in a taxi ... (yes it can happen! and what memories for the rest of your life !). Is there an unusual detail to tell about your birth?

Do you have an announcement of birth your parents have printed to announce your arrival in the world? Has your mum kept the identifying maternity bracelet? Your first picture ... in the arms of your Dad ... Your first feeding-bottle or your first feeding : there is probably a picture somewhere that shows!



Then you grew up ... in the house of your childhood (ideal subject for a nice page of geographical scrapbooking !)... among your brothers and sisters (how many were you in ur family? Have you a picture of you among them?) unless you have been an only child? Do your brothers and sisters were playing with you? Were they older? or younger?

What was your biggest mistake? Have you been punished for that? Were you a child-wise or otherwise you behave like a tomboy? Have you stolen jars of jam to your mom?


How were you dressed? Wearing? Have you kept a lock of your beautiful blonde hair, just before you cut them ?


Did you play sports in which you excel? Were you a future champion? Have you practiced the ballet dancing? Do your parents forced you to practice this kind of activity or were you ready to become a ballerina? Were you a musician? Have you kept your favorite musical instrument? Are you playing now the guitar?

What were your dreams? What were your future plans? What job did you want? Do you practice this job now? Or why did you have to change direction?

Did you have a security blanket, a teddy bear? A favorite toy? Have you kept it?

Your school ... a small school of village almost like a family school or a "great works" built into a big city ... Who taught you to read? Did you love or hate school? A teacher has he scored you in particular? Have you kept the "class photos" with all your school-friends, photos of you in the class, pictures of your teachers ?


Did Your School organized Christmas? Have you performed a play in front of an audience of indulgent and moved parents ? Have you kept the program for this friendly event?

End of year

Did you went on vacation with your parents ... or did you attend the day camps or summer camps? Unless you went with your grandparents in Ardèche (!) where, every year, you could retrieve your girlfriends and buddies?


Your little friends? Have you retained a clear memory of them? Is there anyone you love more than the others ? I'm sure you know his name and his eye colors ! Your great love… You were ready with all to leave for him… You were certain of living with him all the life… And you actually lived with him ? Your friends also ... the school friends you've kept the pictures ...

Your "adolescence"

This was the period of the dangers but retains an important place in your life: without doubt one where everything was decided ... your desires, your dreams ...

Were you a secret teenage , shy or, conversely, were you easily near to others. What did you think of adults? of your teachers? boys in general? your girlfriends?


New Look


YOUR FRIEND ... to whom you have confided all the secrets that you keep stubbornly. What Do she has become, do you still see her sometimes ... There were betrayals? Misunderstandings, quarrels, memorable reconciliations ?


For Ever

What were your favorite topics of conversation? With whom? Did you asked yourself major existential questions about life? Did you have an adult as a reference and you need a lot ... Conversely, were there people you do not like? Whether you hate?

Have you made stupid mistakes? Were you a rebellious or obedient teenager ... ? Did you run away? Have you done any study abroad? In what country? What do you think of that twenty years after ? And your correspondent? Do you stay in touch with her? Have you made progress in English? Or did you spoke always in French with your friends during this laguage course abroad ?



Your tastes of the times in terms of clothing: Do you always assume the choices you made on time or you radically change your way of interpreting fashion? Have you had a punk period , or gothic ...



Your life is a novel!

And now that you are an adult ... there are so many things to say about you! Where to start??

Il etait une fois

Your love ... your marriage ... your children ... How did you find your actual mate , where did you meet? Do you remember the first time you've seen he? his first kiss? From the magical moment when you realized it was HIM and nobody else?

Where did your marriage? And your witnesses? Do you have a crisp memory to evoke ? a fun photo to highlight ... Your wedding dress: the store where you had chosen it... You left there a piece of your "veil"? A piece of lace from your "bunch" ...


And then came the children ... but here we are coming back to the top of this page ... it's you who took the pictures ... and that's why you make your book of me! Wrong track ... off again in another direction!

You now, what you love ... what you hate (ideal for two pages facing each other) ... Your musical tastes? Are you for or against "Star Ac". Do you have a favorite music?

I like ...

Long? And your reading? Do you read often? What? The latest books, classic novels, the Harlequin collection ? And the cinema ... your favorite movie? Your favorite actor? The actress that you look like? What would you be?

What are your current tastes: in culinary ... Are you "MacDonald" or "Cyril Lignac? Are you greedy? Do you like sweet things, you know, those who hurt you ... Would you be able to scrap a page about your addiction guilty to the cream puffs?


And your taste in fashion?? Fashion addict of MODE or otherwise style Baroudi around the world ... Are you rather trousers or skirt-blouse ... And your shoes? How did you have pairs? Your favorite colors ... those that you always wear. The color of your underwear? Are you more "cotton-comfort" or "sexy-lace"?

Your first job, how had you found it? And your first colleagues? Were you well paid? Was it a difficult job, why did you do anything else? Why are you always the same job? Your joys, your satisfactions, your doubts, your hard knocks ... And how you live your job at the moment? Can you scrap on the theme "I'm having a love with my work"?

Your habits ... the good ones ... the bad ... here is a piece of your personality that future generations will enjoy exploring! Are you early risers and late to bed ... or the opposite? Soak bread in your coffee? Instead you prefer tea? What brand specifically Ceylan or Indian ? Have you kept the labels of your preferred tea bags ?


no angel

And your holidays? Do you fly and explore distant regions ? Are you still stuffed on looking for cheapest possible airline tickets ? Do you prepare your trip carefully, itineraries, accommodation or are you more style to go on an adventure, backpacking with your dog. What do you do when you're on vacation? Your favorite activity? Sunbathing and tanning or hiking. Scrap your best holiday memory ... scrapthe worst holiday memory and laugh about... Do not hesitate to oppose the pages of your BOM ...



And are you ready to distill some of the ultra-secret which is in you? To reveal your true personality, not what others know, the REAL, that you grow in your secret garden ... Your unspoken dreams, your desires ... Where will you be in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years? How would you approach your future?

Questionnaires ... some are famous and respond candidly allows others to know you better.

That of Proust, which you can find HEREis especially famous for answers that made the famous writer.

portrait chonois


Bernard Pivot had made a smaller version on which it is instructive to look ... So what the Chinese portrait so often used as grounds for a scrapbooking page!


I tried ... to find a book in French about "Book of Me" ... Nothing ! ... So I told myself that some of you understand English and, if not, it was perfectly possible to understand with only the pictures ... So here is a good book (not expensive at all!)

Your Words, Your Story
Michele Skinner

Your Words