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Some framing advises for your pictures ...

How to frame your pictures ?

We cannot frame an oil or acrylic painting made on canvas like a watercolor or a photograph.framed watercolor New Caledonia Ile des Pins

To frame a canvas, you simply slip the painting into the frame from the back as usual.

This frame is only built with an assembly of decorated wooden or metal mouldings.

A watercolor or a photograph require a mat and a glass pane to prevent dust, molds and buckling...

It is possible to make its own "frame" with commercially purchased mouldings or home made of simple wood offcuts (see pages FLOATER FRAME #1 and FLOATING FRAME #3 or classic frame on this site).

But most of the time, especially if you start in framing pictures art, it's better to order the frame in a specialty store.

Several options are available : standard and custom-made to measures.

DIY stores

The DIY stores (Bricomarché, Leroy Merlin, Castorama in France...) often have a FRAMES MANUFACTURINGdepartment. You can find a large selection of mouldings and it's quickly done (they make the frame while you shop in the store) .

In any case, you bring your art work, you compare the different frames or mouldings, the colours, and imagine the set on the wall in your home.

It is also very important to set a limit on how much you want to spend, because picture frames prices have a range from 5 dollars up to hundreds ones.


On the Internet, many sites PictureFramesexist and guidance you offer "Ready" frames for standard dimensions and also custom-made to suit your paintings.

The problem is that you should imagine your picture framed in order to choose the molding.

I recommend the site PictureFrames (all supplies for frame work...) which makes an extremely neat and professional quality job.

You can choose there your frame among hundreds of mouldings, ready-made or custom-made if you want. They have these wood canvas floater frames that in France we call : "american cases". It is THE frame of all art galleries, the best way to introduce an oil paint. frames departmentDon't forget to visitAMAZON's site where you can shop also models and models of pic frames !

This website is OK for all photo or watercolor frames... also for photo collage frames... at very tight prices!

HollidayAnother address for you... a good one :hollidaypictureframes where you can found all framing pictures supplies. Wood and metal frames, matboards... Very interesting.

Specialty Shops

In your city, there are specialized shops of framingpictures supplies. I think of United Mfrs... They sell all materials you can need for framing.


In this type of shopping, you will find an unbelievable choice and vendors and sellers are fully trained in the decoration and give you ideas that you would not think ...

UMS catalog

Before going to their store... look at their catalog with models and prices (request the catalog). So you will be able to limit the amount of your expense.

Of course, everything is paid and the final addition will be higher but if it can help you avoid mistakes, it's worth it!

Framing watercolor or photo

For a photo, watercolor, card ... it can not be satisfied with a simple wooden frame ... The presentation of this type of art requires a "layout" based on framing technics and the presence of a protective glass pane.

framed picture with 45° bevel quentinWe built the "package", assembling cardboard backing, mat, collars and other "bevels".

The "package" is then installed in a frame, with a glass.

You will see in the following pages, examples of "packages" (see :right bevel or french bevel andfrench bevel technic) easy to made by yourself.

Remember than the frame has two functions : first, protect the art work and second for lead the spectator's eyes to the art work presented.

The framing technics are extremely diverse and vary from very simple to more complicated enough repel a beginner in framing pictures!

Much of these technics can be learned in introductory books, some are presented on this page.

framed embroidery alphabetical book

I chose easily accessible books to help you accomplishing quickly your first frame. See especially on this page Mat, mount and frame (David Logan) particularly accessible to beginners.


Clip Frames and coaster frames
from trade

You can also work from simple clip-frames : it's Clip frameperfect for beginners ! They have a standard size you can't modify but are very easy tu use.

The sizes are from 6x4 inch = 15x10 cm for the littlest to31.5x23.25" = 80x60 cm for the biggest !

This is the least expensive picture frame !

Unlike conventional framing, this is not the art-work that determines the size of the frame but the object to be framed which must adapt to the framing.

It will be up to you to calculate your matting to fit the dimensions of the standard clip-frame ...

make your own wood frame !

With a little hardware you can find in your home workshop, wood off cuts or mouldings, glue that can be bought in all craft stores, you can assemble and make by yourself your frame moldings ... for a very low price.

rustic frame finished

It is better to practice with low value timber : the miter assembly requires precision. With a little practice it becomes easy.

Look at this Rustic picture frame page how to make by yourself a lovely wooden made frame very farmhouse style

On all other "WOOD-MADE" pages on this site where some models are explained (see on this page the left-menu)

See also Canvas floater frames 1, 2 or 3 ... These pages to build wood canvas floaters... very nice to frame oil or acrylics paintings on canvas.