DIY your Picture Frame Ledge

A simple shelf to layout your frames!


If you prefer to build yourself your photo shelf, it is perfectly possible to do it from cleats sold in DIY stores ...

Do not expect, however, to realize a big saving compared to the shelves with frames of the trade: at least you will have the pleasure to have realized them yourself and to your exact dimensions.

Here is the way to proceed.



The making of


Here is the list of supplies needed to create 2 110cm table shelves

 Fir slats 220cm long

- A batten of 220x80x15
- A batten of 220x60x15
- a batten of 220x40x15

If you have trouble finding these dimensions (it's not always easy), you can cut (or have cut out) strips of the same width in medium of 16 or 19mm ...

 good quality wood glue.

 50 bolts for fixing to the wall + dowels

 2 or 3 clamps for tighten during bonding.


Implementation of a shelf of 110cm.

Begin by cutting 1 strip of 110cm into the batten of 80 and then cut two strips of the same length into the other two battens.

Paste the songs and assemble according to the plan. Place your clamps while the glue picks up ... A good clamping makes a good bonding. If bonding is done correctly, it is not absolutely necessary to consolidate the assembly with fine tips or screws.

Assembly of the shelf

When the glue is dry, sand the wood to remove the inevitable asperities and knife a layer of plaster. Sand again when it is dry.

Your shelf is now ready to be painted in a matching color where you will fix it. Look at this special page on ways to "finish" your bookshelf.


Put the photo shelf in place ...

With the drill, prepare the holes through which you insert the fastening screws into the wall (3 holes in the diagram).

Here's how to break into the wall without problems ...

Put the shelf in place and, with a pencil lead through one of the holes, mark the location of the first peg on the wall, the hole in the center is usually marked. Remove the shelf and drill the wall. Put on your ankle, present the shelf then screw the first screw.

Now put your shelf plumb (possibly use a level) and mark in pencil the location of the other two dowels ... You can pierce your wall with peace of mind: the holes will match those of the shelf ...

If you want put your ledge perfectly horizontal, have a look on this page

If you want to hide these fixing screws, seal the holes over the screws, sand after drying and make the last touch of paint (but often, this screw are hidden by the frames resting on the shelf).

This method is explained further here ...



How to layout frames?

Play together  unity and diversity  !

In the example below, all frames except one are black, which gives the show a certain  unity. The  variety  of this is ensured by the type of frames used: large, small, multiphotos ... as well as the color of some photos and the only white frame of the exhibition.

arrangement of frames on the shelf

The two principles of unity and diversity are respected and thus give rhythm and balance to this composition.

Do not place the frames side by side, at the tail leuleu ... arrange them harmoniously so that the small partially overlap the larger ones.

Also respect a progression: on a short shelf (55cm) place the larger frames rather in the center by decreasing the size of these by approaching the edges. Arrange an odd number of frames.

Ribba frames layout

On a larger shelf, you can create groups of frames. Do not forget to "overlap" the frames to create unity ... Introduce variety: different color frame (here different shape of the oval frame), unusual object ...

frame shelf layout 2