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How to Make Your Own
Picture Frames

Ed Reinhardt, Hal Roger


Here is the most complete, practical handbook available on making and finishing over 60 frame styles...

The best book for the beginner. Clear and concise. Step-by-step instructions with photos for each and every step.

Covers all aspects of frame construction, painting, mats, glass-cutting and usage. A great book to trigger your own ideas to create custom frames.

Frame It!

by Tonia Davenport


Framing isn't something one has to leave to the professional.

With Frame It! readers will learn how to use ready-made frames and inexpensive framing materials to create frames perfect for their favorite photo, piece of artwork, canvases or souvenir.



Matting and framing made

Janean Thompson



Since the cost of framing often exceeds the price of the artwork itself, it pays to know how to do it yourself.

Even if you're not ready to invest in specialty tools like a mat cutter or miter box, you'll find useful instructions on working with ready-made frames using simple tools (a ruler and utility knife)...



It is not always easy to cut freehand mats and english bevels. As such in this multi-3 views!

Matting 3 photos
(clik for +)

At first we hesitate to equip themselves with cutting tools ... we "get by" as can be with a bent cutter and a metal ruler!

But soon the question arises : how to work accurately, a little more comfortably, trusting reliable and durable tools.

The purpose of this page is to present the possibilities offered by the LOGAN tools, tools you can find as at the picture framer amateur workshop as at the professional who has a well-established framing store.


The LOGAN compagny

The company Logan Graphic is afamily owned located in Chicago (USA) and manufactures tools for the framer for over 35 years.

Logan Company Logo

Many patents, devices and options have been filed over the years, demonstrating their experience in the field of picture framing and quality of products they produce.

An interesting feature relates to the evolutionarity of their material: if you start by equiping with basic tools, you can always get the same tools on more sophisticated systems thereafter. Therefore interesting for those who like keeping their tools !


The range of LOGAN tools...

It is a very broad one since it is aimed at both amateurs and professionals.

And because U.S. manufacturing is serious , the quality of the down-market material is the same than those of up-market : all that different pro tools and amateur tools is mostly a question of dimension!

some logan toolsThen enumerate ... Cutting Rulers and mat cutters (from Logan Team System 50 € until the C850, true Rolls Royce cutting machine).

The tools for wood framing (framer-saws, sanders 45° angle , stapling, collating press framing)

And all other tools such as their great Oval mat cutter (described on this page) ... through the various supplies of mat board and framing paperboards...





Logan Team System Mat Cutters (LOGAN 424)

For just under $ 40 you can buy the LOGAN entry level mat cutter : the LOGAN 424-1. Very useful for framing beginners.

Logan 424 team system

This mat cutter comes with a aluminium rule on which slide a 45 ° cutter (perfect to open windows in mats) and a special knife to make all your straight cuts.

Very affordable, accurate and effective : the perfect tool to begin a framing activity.



Mat cutter LOGAN 301S

This system of mat and bevels cutting is the more sold in the world ! And not a chance ! The facility of use allied to a rare quality of manufacture make this instrument an impossible to circumvent must of the framing.

Logan 301S mat cutter
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Obviously, you pay the quality : In France, it takes between 100 and 150 € depending on where you decide to buy (only around $70 in USA)... but this material is virtually indestructible ... and, possibly, resells occasion extremely well. So it is a sustainable and productive investment !

This cutter to open the bevel and cut mats is used by picture framers amateurs, Framing and photography clubs who share a common material, as well as professional framing workshops.

To show you how to use the Logan Mat Cutter, I offer this short video that will be better than long speeches ... The titles are in English (NdT : only for french people)... but it does not matter, even I understand everything!


One best : the system has a parallel and easily adjustable graduated stop , which allows quick adjustment for margins mat. A locking screw ensures a perfect safety when cutting bevels to 45 or 90 °.

The aluminum blade guideway is mounted on a spring and is held during cutting time . We must also note the very soft sliding motion of the cutting system into the slides. This allows you a very precise cutting of your mat windows for cards up to 81cm (32 ") long.

If you work with mats with cream core, it becomes useless to hide the overflowing cuts of bevels with printed papers!

Before trying it and tell you about, I searched the Internet for amateur opinion with this mat cutter ... including the summaries of photography club (Brunoy PhotoLille ...) and framing. The funniest ones I could find: "... use a Logan mat cutter is a bit like moving from a skateboard to a BMW!". No negative opinion is said!

For the restless, the 301-S comes with 5 spare blades and a multilingual operating manual is provided and a very explicit training DVD .

If you want to get an idea, you can download this leaflet HERE in pdf format if you do not speak English, pass the first pages to find further translated in French explanations .

I enjoyed in this directions for use all the technical explanations, including the description of the offset-corners mat ... seems more easy to achieve.

The oval or circular mat cutting

An oval opening in a mat mat gives to the framing that use it a highly vintage look: it's perfect for old photographs, laces, old maps ...

And it is not always easy to trace and cut out perfect oval ... Of course, there are methods of tracing that work well and which are described on this site. If you have that only mat to be cut out it is obvious that you will be satisfied some!

But if you have a small series production, or if you belong to a club that equips itself, the purchase of the Logan 201 (Oval and circle cutter) becomes interesting. And the more you seek on the Internet more attractive prices (between 50 € and 90 € postage included depending on the stores).

Logan oval mat cutter

It is a cutting system that lets you, in three steps, create beautiful bevelled oval or circular openings.

Very easy to use. On the basis of this tool are small spikes that stabilize the tool belong cutting. The adjustment of the cut (oval or circular) is a real snap. You can make oval cuts ranging from 8 x 12 to 51 x 58 cm and circular cuts of 11 to 51 cm in diameter.

But here again a small video (Sorry... even in English! But I swear it is the last time!) you will understand : too simple operation of the device.

Try it once ... adopt it as the final result is perfect.

It is on the market of other "OVAL CUTTERS" ... Or reserved to professionals thus inacessibles or intended for amateurs without their quality always equalizing that described here.

Where to find Logan products ?

It is not often easy to find LOGAN dealers near your home ... and, unless living in a big city, you will resolve to seek them on the Internet.

First source in France... ebay ! Perform a search LOGAN MAT CUTTER or on OVAL CUTTER LOGAN, you will be surprised by the offers.

Most sellers are PowerSellers ... provided that you do not take many risks in their place an order. Note however the high shipping cost for some U.S. sellers !

If you do not trust ebay ... you can buy your tools on a Web site that provide you the security you're looking for.

In USA, we have :

. and their very attractive website.

. has very competitive prices and a perfect after sale service.

. ... and many others...

But beware of prices that can vary greatly from one site to another. Be also mindful of shipping costs that vary greatly from one vendor to another (sometimes, there is no shipping charges with Amazon).

Some supply stores of leisure education and framing shops may have, on occasion, some used models ... Inquire now!