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2 ways to approach the Country design style...

The french country style

Old memories of France... waxed wood, lavender and dried flowers ...

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The English Country Cottage explores 25 delightful old cottages that have been updated with all the comforts of modern life and yet manage to retain much of their period flavor. 

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Victorian House style

An Architectural and Interior Design Sourcebook.

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How high to hang frames : the better level for art ?

Not hang too high your art-frames !

That's the eternal problem!

Framework too highAnd who will have different responses depending on whether these frames are in a stairway, above a base cabinet or a sofa ... or even just on one wall of the living room!

It is clear that the decorator who starts always tends to place his frames too high! Hung too high an art significantly alters visually  the proportions of the room in which it is located and the art is then seen in a distorted manner.

In fact, the right level to hang arts will depend almost entirely on the location of the viewer.


A general principle ...p>The center of the art frame must always be at the eye-height of the viewer! So now everything depends on the beholder, is it standing or sitting on a chair or sofa ?

A little trick thumb : when to be seen standing, hang your frames so that their centers are at 1.55 m (61") in height ... 1.55 m Why?? Because this is the height currently favored by art galleries and museums for their exhibitions : basically this is the average height of the eyes of the spectators.

In doing so, uniformly, throughout the house, you will give some unity to your show, a certain harmony and the viewer will perceive that "harmony of centers" even without realizing it.

For the center of the frame to 1.55 m, here's , without hesitation, how to set "the hanging nail " :


how to calculmate the good height for a pic frame

- "Really!"

1 - The frame measures 36cm high ... I divide by 2! Is 18 cm!

2 - I measure the distance from wire to the top of the frame: 6 cm!

3 - I subtract 6 from 18: 18 - 6 = 12cm

4 - add to 155 cm ... I get 155 +12 = 167 cm (approx 66")

By hammering the nail attachment to 167cm from the ground, the center of the frame will be exactly set to the eyes height average !

Use this method for hanging pictures in an entry, a passage, a corridor ... wherever one stands!


If you have a horror of calculations ... !

Instrument to set up frameworksThen you will place your frames without any measure ... DIY in two minutes this awesome instrument that will quickly become indispensable when you hang your frames ...

The material? A 30 cm rule out of transparent plastic, wood screw ... That's all !

Make a small hole at the bottom of the rule. Screw it in half by letting it overflow on each side of the rule: it's ready!

Pass the tool behind your frame... hook the string or the ring on the head of the screw ... and keep all by the other end of the rule.

Move all on the wall. It's better if you guide someone who move all on the wall!

When your frame is at the right height and at the right place.. press a little harder the rule against the wall ... the tip of the screw then leaves a small mark ...

It's the EXACT place where you have to hammer the frame hook so that it will be at the correct height.

If the explanations are not clear enough ... look at this sketch

In a staircase ...

This is a great place to hang frames because of the large empty space it has.

You will apply exactly the same formula for hanging pictures in a staircase... But at this time you measure the height for the hook from the middle of the reference step ...

approche en marche d'escalierPlace frames on the stairs

Thus, following perfectly the slope of the stairs, your frames will be consistent with the latter, it integrates seamlessly.

If you want to create a set of multiple frames ... First place a first line of frames centered at 155cm. Then place the other frames to get a balanced and rhythmic set.


In the living room ...

This is the place where people are most often sitting! The height average is plus or minus 48 cm from the ground, and the back height at 90cm ! This is the standard!

To have a better viewing, sit back and let someone that helps you take the pictures and move them at your convenience ... This time,the best viewing angle is obtained between 110 and 120cm from the ground ...

You will hang your frames so this time placing the centers of the frames at about 115 cm tall ... What is not always possible ...

Hang over a sofa

Virtually, over a sofa, leave a gap of about 25 cm between the lower and upper part of the file ...

If you place multiple frames to form a set, do not disperse them by leaving them out too much from each other, it undermines the principle of unity. Similarly, do not overtighten ... Your exposure has to "breathe".

Here is an empirical method, which, though not absolute, has already proved its efficiency: let between two frames (depending on size) between 6cm (three fingers) and 10cm (one hand), not more.

If you have a set of frames to implement ... Start by placing the main frames you prefer by reserving them the best location ... then put the other for a harmonious set...

Above the sofa 1

In conclusion

The technique of placing the center of a frame at 1.55 m from the ground is empirical and is not absolute. It is merely useful when you start your hanging and are looking for the best places to hang your frames ...

Good hanging!