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Making pictures
frames in wood

Manly Bannister


Create all kinds of picture frames from simple wood mouldings to elaborate carved types.

Clear instructions on matting, texturing, finishing....


Wood finishing...
Bob Flexner


I have bought a number of books on woodworking, as well as a few on wood finishing.

This is by far the best book on finishing that I have come across.

The book takes all the mystery out of all the different types of finishing materials and finishing processes...

Home Book of Picture

by Ken Oberreicht

One of the best ! I think ! Over 40,000 copies of the first edition sold : it cannot be an error !

Homebook of picture framing
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This home Book of Picture Framing is the most comprehensive guide to mounting, matting, and framing oil paintings, watercolors, posters, photographs, calendar pages, and greeting cards without spending a fortune...

Great !


Another photo collage frame ! It is decidedly very Photo collage frametrendy at this time and if you just search "COLLAGE PHOTO FRAME" in Google you can see the variety of offers on different commercial sites.

You want a cheap frame you can make by yourself ? Easy to do ? You are on the right page !

The collage picture frame I propose you to make on this page will require a minimum of equipment and tools ... and will cost less than 6 € ! It makes you want? Then see the result !

Equipment and Supplies

. A 20x10 lumber 2m long
. just a little red satin paint
. Picture framer saw with its stop block...
. Fast Wood Glue
; a 50cm clamp
. a piece of sandpaper.

Here's the plan of the frame with its dimensions ... Of course, the measures are given only as an example : you can absolutely change them according to your photos and lumber that you might already have!

Plan for the photo colllage frame
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You'll need to cut 10 pieces your lumber cleat 20x10 which here are the details:

Exploded view of photo collage frame
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2 bars of 38cm, 3 of 23cm , 1 to 24cm , 3 spacers of 8cm, 1 spacer of 11cm and 1 of 10cm ...

For greater precision, it is essential to cut the lumber using the stop system of your saw (if you do not have, do not deprive yourself !): the bars of 23cm for example, must have exactly the same length ... see the page : Cutting with a stop for more explanations.

Cutting elements for collage frame
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Two pieces have a critical dimension ... that of the 24cm and 11cm ... If you missed their accuracy in cutting, you'll probably have to correct them for a good fitting in in the assembly ... but with the technique I described below it will not be too difficult!

The assembly of elements

There are many elements to assemble and their gluing seems difficult to make ... because everything is moving ! And it is not possible to use a clamp or a framer strap. Also, for convenience, we will use a little "work place" very easy to implement.

On a piece of chipboard shelf ... I started by fixing, with two fine nails a piece of lumber cleat. Along this cleat, I put one of the 38cm horizontal bars.


How to make a work place

I glue then the ends of the vertical bars and put them in place (almost in their final position), then I finish by placing the second 38cm horizontal bar . Finally, I nail, squeezing a little while, a last cleat on the chipboard to keep the assembly.

With a small hammer, gently patting, I put the spacers one after one gradually to their final position.

Thus, the main elements are held in place and I can now paste small spacers to their place. After a final audit for squareness ... I squeezed longitudinally with a clamp to ensure a good gluing.



Assembly of photo collage frame
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You may have to rectify a little the 24cm and 11cm bars (complete assembly by them and use sandpaper to fit if necessary). They must return forced a bit.

Let the glue dry for at least 2 hours (if it's fast glue) if not, wait for a full night!

If you want -it's prettier and more practical thereafter, but not essential- paste a 10x10 strip on the back of your frame so as to create a false molding. (click on the photo to see the false moulding) This will give also a certain "thickness" to the frame. Assemble these sticks with miter.



Making the false moulding
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Sand all with fine sandpaper (it should not be much larger irregularities to be removed) and give a first coat of diluted dark red paint on the whole ... Paint the inside of small frames by patting your brush.

First paint coat
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Allow to dry, spackle small defects if exist with some wood filler then sand again the whole.

Now give a coat of dark red undiluted paint... followed by a second avoiding drips.

In a strong piece of cardboard (chipboard or more simply, an old calendar bank), cut the backing to size 36x25 (if you created the false molding the cardboard just fits in).

Put up ... and with a pencil, mark by drawing them, the location of 8 windows.

It'll just cut and paste your pictures on the backing and adapt a fitting to the back of your frame ...

the photo collage frame achieved

Drive a small nail on the wal ... hang your work... You've did it !!!