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When it comes to making the most of your memories, take a page from the Creating Keepsakes experts. Beginners and more experienced scrapbookers alike will turn to this hefty new reference guide time and time again for helpful insights and daily inspiration on tools, techniques, layouts - plus all the can't-miss tips you'd expect from The Scrapbooking Authority.


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Susan Pickering

Tools and techniques
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This guide to everything scrapbooking (for the uninitiated: decorating a photo album) will acquaint both novice and experienced creators with the astounding array of products and methods available to them...


The Amazing Page:
650 Scrapbook
Page Ideas

Memory Makers

Includes a CD-Rom of 75 printable page layout sketches...

Amazing page
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This book takes two of scrapbooking's bestselling topics--page idea galleries and page layout sketches--and combines them into one blockbuster book !

Impossible to circumvent !


There is an almost infinite variety of adhesives used in scrapooking : each Scrapbooking Glue presents its advantages and disadvantages ... the choice is not as harmless as it will appear ...

Most of the time you will use one type of glue or adhesive - usually "all purpose" glue is sufficient - but for special models, you will be required to choose a more specialized glue... For example, for some uses, a repositionable adhesive has advantages over a permanent glue.

For the smooth conduct of your achievements, make sure the glue you use is "acid free" (which eliminates some cellulosic adhesives with strong solvent smelling and that the photos do not resist!).

So here is a list of glues and adhesives you can find in your scrap-store... just not to lose itself there!

1 - white glues ...

The glue sticks ...

All brands have their "stick" of white glue (UHU, Scotch ...) which are almost all acid free (or "photo safe"). Their tack is excellent on all papers and boards (to avoid on plastic surfaces or on glazed paper), they do not form lumps and allow for a precise application, even on small pieces ...

Glue sticks

Moreover, they are particularly low cost ... and if one day your glue stick disappears from your desk ... 'll do a little research in the school-kit of your daughter ... because it is the kids favorite glue!

White viny glue ...

These adhesives are used in scrapbooking, but also in framing, cardboard working and even in carpentry because they have a strong permanent adhesive. These waterbased adhesives are therefore likely in case of excess, to "soften" the papers you might have to paste.

PVA glue pot

So use them sparingly, spread them with a small flat brush (do not forget to wash the brush with water and soap at the end of your session) and rub well to avoid the appearance of undesirable air bubbles.

These "Glue Pot" are perfect for dressing up a box with a fancy paper (an album cover for example). They are guaranteed free solvent (for those who are bio ...) and the white film of glue becomes transparent when dry.

2 - The all-purpose glue ...

The transparent tube of glue ...

That's the "universal" glue type that will be suitable for most materials including paper, fabric, wood, metal, plastic (if it is a solvent-free glue) ... You will find both forms: with or without solvent (those with solvent have a fairly strong smell).

Glue sticks

Some of these adhesives are presented in the form of gel (Scotch for example) and not "run" when applied (it is an advantage because you keep your fingers clean). Warning for pictures : use only solvent free glue... and in moderation because they can easily warp the edges thereof.

adhesives with applicator ...

Mostly plastic tube, they have to end a foam applicator tip handy for spreading glue on quite important surfaces .

glue with applicator

Some brands (like Scotch, UHU...) have two tips: a great and a finer for precision collages (this avoid the purchase of a glue pen!)

Glue pens...

These pens enable you to accurately place small dots of glue where you want : it allows you to paste some embellishments like die cut, charms, sequins, stars ...

Pens Adhesives

An idea of using glue pen : write with this pen a text of your choice. Immediately sprinkle your text with glitter or colored sand .... After completely dry, give some flicking on the back of your worksheet, the excess material falls and you still have the original text written with glitter!

A Special mention for "2WaysGlue" as its name indicates you can use in two ways :

if you want a permanent joining, apply adhesive on one surface and immediately stick the other side ... if you want a removable sticking, apply glue on both sides and allow to dry (the glue becomes transparent blue) before applying the sides against each other ...

glue guns ...

They provide an energetic and strong hot gluing . The glue (comes in the form of rods) is introduced by the back of the gun. Leave It Heating a few minutes and it is ready for use.

Glue Guns

They are primarily used for taping the cardboard tightly, especially during the construction of "shaker boxes"... When you find a glue gun in the toolbox of your husband, did not tell him anything and use it shamelessly! Or buy one for around ten euros!

aerosol adhesives sprays...

These glues are sold in sprays and are virtually solvent based. They assures us that they're "not toxic" (I am always a bit wary!) and have two forms for a permanent collage or a removable joining. Be careful when buying: these glues are excellent but not very cheap (from € 7-25 200ml spray).

Repositionable adhesive spray

The permanent glues are particularly useful when pasting large areas of fragile papers : an ordinary glue can soften and deform. As for removable adhesives, they are often used in the techniques of masks and stencils, napkin ...

To see demos of the uses of these aerosols, look HERE, THE and even LA .

3 - The adhesive strips or rolls

ATG reels ...

ATG for Adhesive Tape Gun ... (Also called Glue Rollers) from the U.S. creativity. These are reels containing a strip of adhesive coated on both sides. We apply the knob on the paper, draw and transferred onto adhesive paper, the tape remains in the gun where it wraps.

Reels adhesive transfer

These reels are an amazing simplicity of use. In only one motion, depositing a double-sided adhesive tape, quickly and accurately. Big time savings ... Disadvantage significant ... prices sometimes exaggerated!

the glue dots ...

They are simply "glue points" attached to a wound tape. These "dots" are used to secure small objects (die cuts, beads, embellishments ...) on your scrapbook pages.

Glue Dots for scrapbooking

You unroll the tape, and put on the first "dot" the embellishment to fix ... Then remove embellishment+dot and put it on your page ... it is well (watch your fingers because it is difficult to get rid of it!). For memory, there exist also removable or not “glue square” .

The Invisible mounts ...

They are small squares of adhesive tape mounted on a paper tape. Simply upload one or more of these adhesive squares on the media and make then adhere the photo (they are acid free) or paper glue. Mostly, they are removable.

Adhesive squares

A regret however: it is not always easy to remove the paper backing...

Adhesive foam...

Also called foam pads or foam dots (or even foam tape roll when submitted). They are small square (or round) foam adhesive on two sides: they are very useful in 3D when it is necessary to highlight an object or an image out of the scrapbooking page. Several thicknesses are available from 1mm to 5mm (and sometimes more).

3d foam squares, foam adhesive squares

4- Adhesive remover...

Don't cry if your picture is too firmly stuck on the paper... Don't tear off your hair if an old label is too difficult to take off ! There is a marvellous product to to repair your errors and remove adhesive, labels, stickers, tapes... It's Un-Du !

Watch on this small video... It's magic !

Have a look on their site : HERE ! But only in United-States... Sorry !

To be continued ! GD