Turn a photo into a comic book drawing online!


 Let's say right away that the results obtained "online" are not always excellent... Except for some sites like Befunky and especially Lunapic, the results are not very brilliant !!

It is better to work with your android mobile phone or IOS with the small and very agile applications that you can find here, on this page: the results are much better!


Turn a photo into a comic book box online ...

It's the dream of everyone who can't draw... Changing a photo into a cartoon!

The photo on the right does not come from an online processing... but from a particularly skillful Photoshop "action"!

If only it were that simple! We have already studied the main softwares that allow you to try the experiment (see on this page) and that don't give wonderful results!

Will online sites be better? We have decided to test these online cartoonization sites for you.



We took the same picture as the specialized software testing... This will give us something more or less objective to compare... This photo recovered on the net has some sharpness and is rich of details and colors : we will see how the converters are doing !

We noticed that it was better to process photos with good definition... Otherwise the results can be disappointing!


Many sites offer this kind of exercise online: we had to limit ourselves to a few. If you think we missed one or more that are worth the detour, let us know ( which is a nice site, very fast and very complete!

Caricature Soft with a slightly old-fashioned design

Lunapic A little confusing... sometimes surprising.





This site can be found at

First you will be asked to send a picture of your computer... then you choose one of the effects in the left column.

This site has developed its offer a lot : the effects are numerous and of rather good quality... Digital art, cartoonizer, poly art, Mosaic...and in each category, several possibilities. Impossible to detail them all, so I had to make a selection that would probably not be yours... It is necessary to go and see!


Befunky is not a free site... far from it! It's even rather expensive since we offer subscriptions! The processed photos are tagged with a naughty stamp "This is a plus feature". Moreover, it is not possible to save the processed images...

This is a big handicap, which can be circumvented quite radically:

To avoid the "stamp" I have enlarged my photo by adding white margins on the left and at the bottom... this way, the stamp is applied on a non-significant area of the image... it is no longer annoying.

In order to recover my processed image, I imagined copying the screen with a small screen capture software: mine is "snag-it" which works superbly... You can also make a total copy of the screen with the "PrintScreen" key and crop this image keeping only the significant part.

Here are some BEFUNKY results:

All the effects are adjustable using the sliders . BeFunky does a good job here: the final image is clear, rich in colour and precise in the plots.

It deserves the mention "Fairly Good" and we give it a 13/20 rating.

And don't forget, if you like this site, to subscribe to it to process more images with more comfort without the restrictions I described above!


Located at :

To find it, you have to scroll down the page... The interface is sober, very sober! A minimalist design which presents us a free site.

We load the photo and start the conversion... It's long... and the result is absolutely not as good as we hoped!

The colours are well simplified and lack brightness... moreover there are no lines, no silhouette. It is all the more curious that the "PhotoToCartoon" software that we didn't find worse than this is the product of the same CaricatureSoftware team .

For these reasons the final evaluation is mediocre and the final score is 8/20.


The full address is :

This site has progressed enormously: it now presents a variety of very important effects. To judge, look at all the effects that it proposes to you!!

Each of the thumbnails represents an effect that can be applied to the image you have uploaded... Of course, the results are rather uneven, but artificial intelligence sometimes performs small miracles!

So here are some results grouped together for you to make up your mind...

As you can see, sometimes unexpected results, some very successful, others downright surprising... We give it a score of 12.5/20, very slightly below befunky!


The full address is :

The creators of Cartoonize are also the authors of the ImageCartoonizer program already mentioned in the page of softwares designed to change a photo into a comic book... They have also created a more modern and efficient equivalent FX Cartoonizer.

This is the online version...

It's a pity to offer such poor and untidy content! The interface is decent and seems to be copied from Befunky's, with an equivalent layout... but there the comparison stops! The image processing has not progressed and is frankly bad. Moreover, the options are paying and require a subscription. Frankly, one wonders who would pay for such an untidy work...

So you won't see a result sheet: it's not even necessary to go and see, it would be a waste of time !!!


Go to the address : pour essayer les techniques qui vous sont proposées : peu en fait, puisqu'il n'y a pratiquement que 3 ou 4 options.

We chose "painting" with "outlines", in other words colours and contours!

And there, a good surprise awaits us: the image obtained is clear, brilliant and well drawn. The lines are fine and judiciously placed the result is pleasant and... unexpected!

We gave it the mention "Quite Good" with the mark of 13,5/20 !


Vous atteignez ce site en cliquant sur :

The interface is austere, reduced to its bare minimum. Processing is fast, optimized: loading and filtering the photo takes only a few seconds. Note that sliders allow you to work on the photo after processing: more or less color, outlines or not...

The result is no worse than the others, quite the contrary! A weakness in the contours, little or badly expressed, but pleasant colors, rather soft, pastel tones.

It is a Medium+ work for which we put the note 11/20.


You will be able to process your photo on the of the site... But we're not going to advise you to... Because it's the worst surprise of the evening !!! Look what they did with the model !!!

What a bad filter! A treatment that hasn't been improved since Web 1.0 !!! Coarse outlines, approximate colors, a deplorable set!

This site therefore deserves the mention Mediocre with a score of 4.5/20!


3 sites are doing relatively well... BeFunkyCartoonize et SnapsTouch...

The first two are not free, they require a subscription, although there is a way to cheat a little*... So I advise you SNAPSTOUCH which offers an interesting and free service.

* Befunky tags his cartoonized photos with a "macaroon" ... This one is located at the bottom left ... When we know it, we can arrange to enlarge the photo so that the tag is eliminated afterwards ... See HERE