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Drawings and paintings sold on this site ...

When chosen wisely, a picture frame adds to a painting an undeniable artistic merit: it is both a decorative element for your home and also a way to highlight the painting, to refocus it over the spectators eyes.


Vieilles maisons à PONTIVY


All the drawings and paintings on this site are sold unframed. Indeed, choosing a frame is mainly based on your tastes, the artwork and the style of your interior decoration.

The same painted canvas can also accept several different kinds of frames ...

For this "naked with a pink background" ... Here, by photo editing, a few different possibilities of choice of a frame (all are available ready-made in Label-Art store...)

Editing Test Framework

And therefore it is not possible to provide the frame with the painted canvas you buy!

Which option to choose a frame ?

• First, choose a moulding ...

Usually, the color of the moulding must be a color, non-dominant, of the painting. In this example cons, I've decided to trim the yellow tones that reflect the melted colors the house on the right. We might as well choose a light brown color (polished wood) to remind the colors of the house on the left...

You can also visit this page to help you in your choices!

If you frame a pencil drawing, you must also think about the mat color ... See this page...


• Then select the method of making your frame ...

Several options are available : depending on your financial capabilities and also your DIY level!

- Bring your picture at the picture framer store, you determine with him your choice for the mouldings (they have often good advices) ... and a few days later you get your framed painting or drawing . Work and results are perfect ... but quite expensive: count from 80 to 150 € depending on the moulding for a 10Fcanvas (55cmX46cm ... 21"x18").

- You choose your frame on-line in a well-known e-store with unbeatable prices. Depending on the dimensions you give them, they make your custom framing and ship to you within a reasonable time.

I personally recommend LABEL-ART (in FRANCE) for their mouldings selection, the quality of their work and prices among the cheapest on the market. Visit the site-LABEL ART. ..

- You can build by yourself your frames if you are just tinkerers. With just a little equipment, care and patience it's easy.

It may even be the opportunity to start a "framing activity" by taking courses for progress in this edutainment.

A large part of this site is devoted to the frame-working:

Here is the entry page to start such an activity.

You can also go directly to Framing techniques ...

Enjoy your visit!