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Mat, Mount and Frame It Yourself
By David Logan

Logan shows how to compose the entire presentation so that it will be aesthetically pleasing. Some of the tools and materials required are fairly common...

Mat Mount and frame it
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This demonstrates how easy it is to mat, mount, and frame art on paper and cloth, as well as three-dimensional objects. Readers will discover, step by step...

A very good one !


Basic Picture Framing
by Amy Cooper

This detailed guide covers the essentials the beginner needs to get started with matting, mounting, and framing everything from works of art to personal mementoes.

Basic picture framing


It contains practical techniques and expert tips on choosing the proper matboard and frame; measuring and cutting single, double, or triple mats; safely mounting your materials; building frames; attaching hanging hardware; and placing the frame for display.

We recommand !


Home Book of Picture Framing
by Ken Oberreicht

One of the best ! I think ! Over 40,000 copies of the first edition sold : it cannot be an error !

Home Book
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This home Book of Picture Framing is the most comprehensive guide to mounting, matting, and framing oil paintings, watercolors, posters, photographs, calendar pages, and greeting cards without spending a fortune...

The first phrase : No do-it-yourself activity will save the homeowner or apartment dweller more money than the mounting, matting, and framing of artwork, photographs, posters, documents, and collectibles....


Getting Started in Framing pictures : Should you take courses?

You want to decorate your home... You've wall picture frame layoutnever learned how to frame pictures... and your major problem is how to engage you in this activity.

You have art-works to highlight and your first instinct is to run to a professionnal picture framer... Of course, you're never disappointed : the work is neat ... but the bill (always justified) is "too salty" which limits all your claims decorators!

You are ready to start ... to do the work by yourself... but you're not sure what you agree, not sure if you have the skills needed to start to create quality framed art work ...

So you're on the right page and our advices will guide you and reassure you that framing is perfectly within your reach!

Yes, but how ? Where ? With whom? This page was been written for you and my only wish is that it makes you want to get started in this work that bring you all the satisfaction you expect.

Framing ... and framing...
do not confuse!

Often confused "framing" and "making a frame" ... Then specify a bit is necessary because according to the nature of the work to do, how to implement will be different.

> If you want only to frame a canvas oil or acrylic painted, or a painted panel, and generally all art-works which no need to be isolated from external aggression ... then the work of the picture framer is to product of "wood frame".

The right picture frame can dramatically enhance your art work as well as the room it's showcased in: presentation is everything! You have only to cut and assemble mouldings and put the art-work inside.

On this site, this work is the section "WOOD MADE" and differents models you can build by yourself are explained. As an example, look at : "Classic framework" to see how you can do the job.

framed boats on the beach

> If you want to frame more fragile art-works like watercolors, drawings, photos ... or embroidery which need to be protected from dust and moisture... it's a different job.

You have to know how to use specialised tools and use them to cut a mount... then attach the picture to the mount and cut glass and backing board to build "the pack".

At the end, you put "the pack" into a wood frame and seal-it...

You will find these explanations in the section "PAPERBOARD-MADE" ont this site.

gilded frame

Should you take courses ?

The framework is accessible to everyone and requires no special provisions: once you've seen how to practice and you've the essential equipment you can do the job...

But say, lets be honest, it is better to take some courses before embarking alone in the business of framing ... These courses are almost always collective in small teams of a dozen people, and can rapidly give you the basics and so be a good start.

Join a club!

In all medium-sized towns, there is at least one framing club who give curses and train neophytes. This club can be managed entirely private, or, more often, this is a club operating in a municipal or civic association.

The difference is important and almost always result in large price differential cost ... You can find "private" courses From 15$ per hour ... a session during normal management of 3H has a cost of 45$ ... and more ... I've put the low estimate!

As an example, i've search with keywords "Framing courses in England" with Google search... and founded :

Hot courses

If you click and search on HotCourses... you can find this :


The total coast for 2 days is 220£... It seems to be quality courses but I think you can find more cheap courses!

While in the case of a semi-municipal management, a fee of 150$ for one year of thirty sessions seems to be a correct basis.

All these contributions contain insurance for all course activities : Framing is not a dangerous job... but small accidents can happen so it is easy to forget that some tools are real razors!

A framing teacher at home ...

If you're far away from everything ... Here is a possibility of course that might interest you: a private lesson at home! The teacher moves up to you to provide framing courses!

The prices seem very reasonable, especially since you can benefit ipso facto a tax credit of 50% (valid for all courses taken at private home... Sorry, only in France !).

I started with a search on the KELPROF site and found for my village (800 inhabitants), a professor of management moving to my home for 18 $ per hour ... To be continued!

Without necessarily going through a company like Kelprof, then try an internet search ... typing in google "framing course " followed by the name of your city ... If you live in England, you will found FloodLight... FloodLight has all the courses given around London... Try with the name of your city or village !

Create your framing club!

And if you don't find anything near your home? Why not create your own framing club ? Have an associative approach is very rewarding! And it is perfectly posssible for you: this is the way forward ...

At first, look for people interested injoining such a club. All means are good for this search: Ads in town halls, "rag" local posters in shops, contacts with school teachers, social services, parish ... The important thing is to inform more people.

At the same time, contact persons likely to give framing courses and talk to them about your project: there is always within a 30km radius around your home a teacher that would move up for a group of eight to ten students ... Remember the example "Kelprof" given above ... 6 people interested divide all the costs.

Ask to meet the mayor of your town and explain him your project: it will help you provide effective in terms of regulation and eventually accommodation for your club.

Optionally, make a formal request for funding from the municipality that even modest, this grant will allow you to purchase equipment ... or for insurance costs...

All these steps can be accomplished in a relatively short time and you can get your support club in less than 2 months if you're motivated!

Coaching courses online ...

Some websites offer courses "online". Why don't try ?

Have a look first on YouTube and type "picture framing". You will found there a lot of very instructive movies. Like that :


Here is a Net address with a lot of videos about framing art :


You can learn all about picture framing with expert tips and advices on framing supplies in this free video series. There are 31 videos actually in this serie.

Well this can not be bad and can fully compensate for a lack of facilities near your home! But let us remember there is nothing better than the contact with a teacher. In picture framing learning as in other activities, you must "see", "touch" and "compare" to understand, assimilate and advance !


The manuals and books about pic framing

Whatever your way to start, a good textbook is indispensable because it recalls the basics you learn in the courses, and contains numerous examples and exercises to learn new techniques.

What book is it necessary to recommend? ? A very selective sorting is necessary between the numerous availables books.


How much will the equipment ...

Of course, to start a picture framing activity, it is necessary to have some tools...

No need to get the complete outfit if you want only an introduction ... but if you wish to continue, as you properly equip the outset so as not to deceive you ... (see also cardboard equipment this site)


a) equipment ...

. CUTTER with blades (big X acto knife) for cutting cardboard and paper from 4 to 8 $ depending on model ... Personally I use the MAPED cutter which I particularly appreciate the hand-held.

. Bone folders for fine finishing of edges on picture mats. Eliminates rough edges caused by knife, and makes overcuts less obvious1.50 e 12 $ following material (plastic or bone)

. RULE CUTTING ... Without hesitation, I recommend for FRANCE MAPED Tools Quadra or Profila (L = 80cm) ... or LOGAN tools 301S MODEL (States, England and Australia ). Besides cutting the cardboard and paper, it will serve, coupled with the cutting tool 45° to cut your 45° English bevels cutting ... . 45 to 70 $ depending on the model and stores.

. SQUARE METAL 45 ° to open the mat before rolled-edged ... of 4 to 7 $ ... (no need to lug a big model!)

. COMPASS. A simple model of student 3 is sufficient for 10 $

. Pencil 0.5. 1.5 to 5 $


b) the raw material ...

. Backing Boards 2mm ... $ 2.50 to $ 4 large plates.

. Cardboard (to mat) ... 1 $ 3 $ plate

. GLUE NEUTRAL about $ 8 pot

. PAPER COSTUME from $ 1 sheet ...

In total, you should be able to have good equipment to start for less than 100 $: at least it gives you an idea about the costs involved.

If you belong to a club ... you can also get discounts ... Stores in your city with arrangements with the club ... or in collective orders. This will also lower your expense!

In conclusion ...

You're anxious to discover, you want to make yourselves these beautiful frames that make you feel ... then do not hesitate one second: START NOW! You will not be disappointed!

When you're familiar with the tools, materials and techniques, you leave the field open to your imagination and become creative. Once the path of some indispensable course, you can walk alone on the path of coaching!