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From photo to comic ...
a simple and effective technic.

There are dozens of ways to turn a photo into a comic sketch ... To realize this, simply run a query in Google : you can find many and many pages about this subject.

The proposed methods, some are better, have however the failure to be either too brief and the result is disappointing ! or quite frankly too complex ... and you are quickly lost in the explanations.

There are also many specialized software to turn images into drawings ... but apart from the filter photoshop AKVIS SKETCH which is very good, some others are not worth the sorrow to be tested!

So I propose a new method which has the advantage of not being too complicated and which work with almost all photos. For this tutorial, I used PHOTOSHOP CS3 and basic functions : it should not be too difficult to translate it into another image processor (PAINT SHOP PRO, The GIMP or PhotoFiltre ...).

Transforming photo comic

If you're not familiar PHOTOSHOP, this page is a great way to start and to understand the concept of layer and filter ...

Turning photo in Comic : tutorial

Start by opening your image in PHOTOSHOP. It must have a correct definition : 1200x1600 (photos taken with an iPhone for example).

First make sure that your foreground color and background are White and Black.... see at the bottom of the toolbar:

Check the color foreground and background

Then bring up the Layers palette by pressing the F7 key.

Window Layers

You will duplicate two times the background by running 2 times: Layer> Duplicate Layer and naming the two new created layers : calque1 and calque2. These layers are copies of your picture, and we will work with them... Here's your layers palette after this operation :

2 window layers


Now we can begin treatment ...

Applying the first filter STAMP

The layer 2 is selected in the Layers palette ... Execute the command: Filter>Sketch>Stamp by selecting medium settings as indicated below :

setting the stamp filter

Confirm by clicking OK ... The result appears on your image.

Then the "THRESHOLD" command

Now select the Layer 1 by clicking in the layers palette.

3 Layers Window

Then run: Image>Adjustments>Threshold. Choose a medium setting (as proposed : 128) and click OK.

Setting threshold image

Nothing seems to happen! That is natural : the result is hidden by the top layer!

Mixing the two layers 1 and 2

Now select the layer 2 and set its opacity to 50% by acting on the slider ...

Adjusting the opacity of layer 2

Watermark your photo is now covered in black and white ...

We now merge the two layers ... Hold down the Shift key and click the calque1: the two layers are selected.

Right click on this selection, and in the menu that appears, click Merge.


The two layers are merged ... with the name of calque2 in the window layers.

Colorization of the comic panel

Normally, in the layers palette, calque2 is selected (if not, click on it to select) ...Set again its opacity to 50% ... the color of the background layer appears ...

Hold down the Shift key and click the background layer to select it too. Then do a right click on the 2 selected layers and choose Merge as in the previous operation.

The final image is now fixed: save your work!

Result after merging layers

Treat a lot of pictures ...

It would be tedious to repeat this treatment for a whole batch of pictures ... Why not use a ACTION SCRIPT? What's that ACTION ? Well all actions made on your original image will be saved in a script ... and then you can apply the script to other photos of the lot! Simple.

If you want to know everything about these scripts ... click HERE . It is completely and very well explained! If you want to simply download the script BD_New_Couleur.atn without creating it yourself click HERE ...

Here are explanations for building your own action script ... First open your photo (the first) and open the Actions palette by typing Alt+F9 or Window>Actions.

In the action script window, click New Script ... it is the little sheet at the bottom of the window :

New Photoshop script

A dialog window opens ...

Name the photoshop action script

"red dot" appears in the window to show you that from now all actions will be recorded:

Switch to clip recording

Repeat the actions described above: 2 times duplicate the layer, filter stamp on the first layer, command Treshold on the second... When done, click the small gray square next to the "red dot". The recording stops.

How to use your action script ...

Open a photo of treat ... Pull down the saction palette (Window>Actions or simply Alt+F9).

In the script window, select your script by clicking its name in the list. Then click on the small gray triangle to launch your script ...

A few seconds and your photo is processed ... It only remains to save it and go to the next ...

It is possible to fully automate the process ... with batch ... but that's another story ... it will be for another time!

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