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Outstanding Mini Albums:(Paperback)
Jessica Acs (Author)

Outstanding mini albums

Mini albums have become a popular medium for scrapbookers - they are small enough to complete in a timely manner but big enough to tell a story.

Features 50 albums with step-by-step instructions for over 30 projects - perfect for scrapbookers of all levels...


Make It in Minutes
Roxi Phillips (Author)

these mini-books are perfect for celebrating everything from holiday memories to childhood events

So many styles, so many reasons to make them! Whether they’re accordion folded, stitched together, ribbon-tied, or paper-punched and bound with binder rings...


An original folding technique !

Mini Photo book CompletedThe making of technique of this mini-album described on this page is not new, far from it! But it is not well known and remember those who had forgotten it is usefull.

With this folding, you will be able to quickly make and decorate a 8-page photo mini-book- from a sheet of A4 paper.

Everything is then possible: embellishments, hardcover ... At your convenience! The only obstacle: to have and use a picture processing software (Photoshop, PhotoFiltre, PhotoImpact, PaintShop Pro ...) in order to place the photos, which will pose no difficulty for many of you.

So get yourself an A4 sheat of paper... and begin!


Making of the mini-album :
how to fold and cut the paper


Start by folding your paper in half (in the height direction). Flatten the fold! Then open the sheet.

Folding A4 sheet mini album book



Now fold your paper in the other direction while continuing to well score the folds.

Folding A4 sheet mini album book



Without opening the previous fold, fold again in half :

Folding A4 sheet mini album book



Open the last fold and cut to the crease central indicate on the sketch

Folding A4 sheet mini album book

Now open the sheet and fold it in the height direction. An opening is formed in the center ...

Folding A4 sheet mini album book


Continue to tighten and push toward the center:

Folding A4 sheet mini album book


Push more ... the two central flaps back together and fold forward, forming a 3-page mini-book. Fold the fourth page forward ...

Folding A4 sheet mini album book


Folding your mini-book is finished!

Where to set up the photos?

On the mini-book test, you can number the pages from 1 to 8, with an arrow symbolizing the direction of the photos. Completely unfold the mini album, you can see the map of the page.

MiniBook numbering pages

You now see where to put the photos during the mini-album making of for their correct assembly ... Remains to work with your image processor to put them in the right place ...

First, the making of the A4 gridpage (2/3)to put your photos inside ! Then, you have to place your photos (3/3)