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Dawn DeVries Sokol

This is a truly gorgeous and inspirational book featuring the work of well-known art journalists...

Artist page
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Everyday Matters
Danny Gregory

Every day matters
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I collect books on how to keep an art journal and this is the first one that unleashed my drawing and writing about everyday life...


What is Journaling ?

It is a kind of caption or subtitles for photos that can tell the story of people, places or times photographed and highlighted on the made page .
You can add quotes or poems, song lyrics ...

For many beginners, journaling is a puzzle that is repeated on every page of the album. We need to find ideas to make "live" the text on each page of the album and give a commentary on the photos we want to highlight.

Fete des meres

Firstly, the title ... It is very visible and gives the general theme of the page : birthday, travel, friends, proverb or quotation ...

The following page was created at the time of the Mother's Day 2008! A small poem by Anne Taylor well chosen has been added in the series of photos.

To more easily determine a general title, ask the "right questions" about the pictures:

- At what time were they taken? Day, birthday ...
- What are the characters present on these photos?
- What are the characters that you do not see?
- At what point were they taken?
- Which season?
- Has a remarkable event happened that day?
- It makes me think of a song title, a poem, a proverb?

journaling2 All these questions will help you to determine the OVERALL THEME of your page: "a moment of meditation in front of the waves" became "Alone on the sand" with an interesting use of "S" letter which caps the 3 lines ! ("Seule Sur le Sable" in french).

In this connection, a technique often used in journaling is the acrostic ... It is like writing a poem whose initials make up a word.

Watch the little poem written for ANA:

Au bord de la déroute N'existait que le doute Avant toi sur ma route (At the edge of the rout existed only the doubt Before you on my road)

which could be an excellent subtitles to a photo page dedicated to ANA

journaling4 These "journaling" texts can be written by hand (for those who have good and regular writing !), from a printer or pre-cut letters purchased in specialty shops. You can also print text on a fancy paper and then cut it into strips like in an old telegrams.

You can also print in large letters on sheets of cardboard and then cut them with scissors or a cutter as in the "I love you" above...


Where to find amazing fonts?

If you print your journaling with a PC printer, you will have to find "nice" fonts. These come with Windows TM can not readily agree : they lack artistry!

Some sites cons are literally packed with extremely diverse fonts. Here are a few, the list is obviously not complete! All these sites offer free downloads of their collections.




DaFont. The first site is most impressive, the most complete. So even that choice is difficult! The police, numbering more than 5 000 are grouped by themes, easy to spot : Fantasy, worn, unstructured, Retro ...

You can also find very nice small logos to decorate your pages. So, for those who do not know, take a look, it's really worth it HERE .


URBANFONTS. It is a very interesting site to more than one way : it is simple, fast, well presented.

Everything is done to facilitate your research and your choice. A peculiarity, as giving a print preview of the font as soon as you move the mouse over it !

Particularly useful the "degraded" scrapbooking fonts you can find under "dirty"... And there's a good thirty pages! This happens HERE .


CREAMUNDO. Spanish site whose only fault is to be a bit slow ... With the richness and diversity of its policies you will quickly forget this defect!

Again, we can test directly to the screen a test sentence (or directly to your text if you prefer) in the selected font.

Of course, all downloads are free and unlimited!

police2 COOLGRAFIK. This is not a site exclusively devoted to fonts : e-cards, wallpapers, ringtones and SMS ... press on "POLICE TTF" to find them listed in a top 100 particularly interesting.

The ranking is determined by the downloads of the Net surfers and that means the fonts you find there are surely "popular" fonts .

Note, among others, the adorable "CHERI" Font and unexpected "JAYCONS" Font composed of Chinese characters !

Do not rush ... You can find HERE for everyone! See also HERE !


WEBCHANTIER. I said although there is no fonts ... But it is the gateway to vector images with a variety of images that will surprise you!

I recommend their part "old ads" which includes old prints or clippings that will look the best in your vintage pages. You print them on your paper after giving them transparency effects with your favorite image editor.

Click HERE to visit this site!

How to install a font in Windows?

But what is doing the police ? (The french word Police means also Font. NdT.)

When you download a font, it will come in the form of compressed file.ZIP or .RAR ... For example, I just received the fil e:

Double-click the file, the winzip window opens (or that of winrar) ... Then click extract to ... and give the name of a location where the file will decompress : I suggest you type c:/mydocuments/fonts.

Then go to Control Panel and then Fonts.

winrar1 .


In the File menu, click Install New Font.

Specify the location where you unpacked your font (c:/my documents/fonts ... if you did like me!). Click on OK ... your font is installed!

Then use your favorite image editor: Photoshop, CorelDraw, PaintShopPro ... Personally I find it very easy to use PhotoImpact, but I love PhotoShop !

And here's the result!


(You probably noticed that this poem is dedicated to ANNE!)

Cut into irregular strips and stick to the bottom of our page, you can obtain:


A gold mine!

An extraordinary site ... true goldmine for the warned scrapbooker : . This site is in English ... but it's easy to quickly understand what it is! A menu ultra-streamlined, an uncluttered design, but a content of a beautiful richness!

houseoflime You'll find a huge number of fonts, many of them matching with your "heritage" pages.

On another page, a multitude of "dingbats" organized by genre and will be of great help!

Labels and movie tickets!

scrap of sylvieA particularly well arranged site, in French and very educational, which is full of various resources:

The scrap of sylvie