Pebble-art et tableaux de galets

Your first pebble artwork!

Create a Pebble Art


Start by gathering the materials you will need... A wooden frame with its rigid bottom, scissors, a large colored felt pen, glue (the ideal is a translucent glue gun, which you can buy for less than 10€), structured paper, a little rigid, for the bottom of your frame and the pebbles and other twigs you will use.


Place the rigid background of the frame on the white sheet of paper. Trace the outlines on the sheet and cut it to the dimensions of your frame background.


Arrange your elements on the background paper and put them in place. Move them around, imagine the finished frame... until you find a balanced arrangement!


When you are ready, put a drop of glue on the first pebble and press to make it stick to the background paper . If you work with a glue gun, the adhesion is almost immediate.


Continue with the other elements!



With the felt, we completed the assembly with a few strokes for more resemblance with cats sitting side by side.



And that's it, it's over! Slide your painting into the frame and set up the background!


Congratulations, you have created your first "pebble-art" ... Shall we start again?