Here are all the "animal" themes

Animals are an inexhaustible resource for pebble paintings... For the simplest compositions, birds for example, the shapes are just suggested and most often completed with black felt on the background cardboard...

Here is a list, necessarily incomplete which will give you perhaps the desire to deepen and seek other models and ideas of pebble-art on the Internet...

Cats in pebble art!

It is the first animal that is made with pebbles...

The work here is very simple... two pebbles representing the head and the body. The tail, the ears and the whiskers are simply drawn with black felt pen on the bottom sheet... Always trying also to associate the cat with birds and here is a pebble painting particularly simple to implement.

Idées et modeles de chats pour tableaux de galets


The BIRDS in pebble art!

Often even more stylish than cats! The bird, in pebble art, is most often made of a single pebble! We add legs and a beak with a black felt. Some can draw an eye on the pebble... this is not essential but can bring a complement to your compo.

Pieces of driftwood suggest branches, fine copper wire and a few twigs will make an interesting fence, perch for pebble birds!

Idées et modeles d'oiseaux  pour tableaux de galets


SHEEPS in pebble board

More artistic ... sheep require more care to be expressive ... If you want a little realism you will need an acrylic eye painter: a black pupil in a white eye!

Obviously, if you find these small flat black pebbles it is even better and it will make you very original sheep heads...


Fish in pebble art!

We have grouped under the term "fish" the crustaceans that live on the seaside... The most realistic are lobsters! Note this crab made of rolled glass splinters that requires quite large pieces and whose decorative effect is certain (even if it lacks two pairs of legs!!!).

HORSES in Pebbles!

With the horses, we start in the difficulty... Artists carry out horses in pebble paintings of an extreme complication and realism... Without wanting to complicate the creations, one can choose expressive models without falling into excessive sophistication...