Interview with Anne...

How long do you scrap?

This is over 6 years now only I find relaxing moments with scrapbooking, always with the taste for paper and materials discovering. It is nice to be able to evolve as and my first pages of scrap are far from my current achievements!

What do you prefer to scrap?

Certainly, from an album concept or gift to do, be guided by creative ideas, play with colors, focus on a moment of life! and playing with colors.

Favorite colors?

Blue (especially that of the sea ..) and under the sun!

What brings you scrap?

Have fun, taking time to create albums and try to "stop the time" through photographs than always reflect fleeting moments of our life, any festive occasion with family, a good WE or a trip is of course source of creation!

Being a little "touches everything" in terms of creative leisure, I have a passion for scrapbooking now for just over 6 years!

Through the construction of scrapbooking albums, my goal is to make personalized gifts to members of my family and friends.

Member of the TD of "Fée du Scrap" and DT invited of "Absolument Scrap".

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Anne's Blogs ...

You can find details of all these wonderful travel diaries on Anne's blogs

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And on her new blog...

Feel free to give her a little visit ... his blog is full of ideas and achievements!


Make your own Travel Diary...


Corsica travel journal

The success of your scrapbook travel diary depends on a few simple rules to be respected ...

Choice of shape 


Notebook with pockets

Travel log MIAMI


Mini (Canaries)

Book Travel CANARY


Portfolio with file folder (Sri Lanka)

Travel log at SRI LANKA


Spiral Album (Antilles)

Book travel to caribbean


Album envelopes (Cape verde)

Cape Verde


Mini CD album covers (Venice)

Venice Door CD


Matchbox (match case):

book club of Alumettes

Binder rings:

Album Travel Corsica



Don't forget to respect...

The purpose of my travel diaries is to regroup before the start all the necessary papers (addresses, reservations, schedules ...) I therefore organized them in order to find all this along journey time and stay, in a a little “organized” way but especially I wish that remains very personal way!


China Travel Book


. Place and date of stay
. Journey time : car, train, plane ...
. Booking Tickets (cottages, hotel, ferry ...)
. Small notebook for taking notes 
. A CD cover (to keep the picture when home return)
. Pages for some "best pick" pictures (coup de coeur !)
. Pockets for stamps, tickets and museum tickets, a menu or little recipe ...
. Maps (contact the tourist offices before departure)

Ideally, this travel diary must be light and remain on hand belong all of our "journey"!

China2 Book Travel



Selection of papers and decorations

In terms of scrapbooking, the choice of papers has now become extremely large and the color scheme already provides a first reflection of future travel.

Personally, I find the colors in a peculiar to each country visited atmosphere, restoring a local atmosphere (orange for Florida, tonic colors for Caribbean Islands, brown and tan for Corsica Island... etc.).

Book Travel to Caribbean: Martinique

For decorations, while flipping the guidebooks pages during the preparation of our trips, I keep some items, stamps, flowers, strings ..!

Much of titles and decorations will be made from patterns with stamps that I particularly appreciate in the scrap, and here too the choice is not lacking!


Between RoadBook and PhotoBook

And then, there is no need to travel very far: a family reunion or a short break can give the opportunity to build a scrapbooking album between Road Book and traditional album.

New york road book


For this, it may be useful to keep annoucements, newspaper articles, tickets for this moment : all that can later be scrapped with these small memories

For example this album WeekEnd to the Seaside ..

Weekend at Sea


or Corse 2009 Portfolio ...

port-folio Corsica

Good achievement!

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