Create artworks with pebbles!


.The name derives from the English "Pebble" which means, among other things, "Galet".

Pebble Art is simply the art of composing paintings with pebbles as a basic material that anyone can pick up as they please.

In the work below, of a pushed simplicity, 6 pebbles of assorted colors, a dry branch, a few strokes of black felt: here is a work of art!

Pebble art 1

You will therefore be led to create and frame small scenes or landscapes made with pebbles, pieces of glass, natural elements... It's a wonderful original activity with immense decorative power that will involve the whole family... from the collection of materials to the final hanging of the painting!

Be careful however to the collection of pebbles on the beach... which is strictly forbidden ! You don't need carts, so don't be worried: you risk at most a reminder of the rules by a particularly picky guard!

It is more rational to buy pebbles from a garden and home decor store: they are usually regular and of the same size. The price is derisory considering the quantity you will use!

Which materials for pebble art?

First, the family will have to be mobilized to collect very small pebbles worn by the sea. Don't take them too big and choose the flattest ones possible... Vary the colors, prefer intense blacks, reds and browns...

Make your children participate in this collection : they will love doing it with you !! But no question of bringing back big unusable pebbles, just small polished and rounded splinters from the surf.

Pebble Art 31

Don't forget also the driftwood: tree branches or even pieces of planks with worn and tormented shapes by the sea! All of this will serve you later!

bois flottés


Favour very small flat pebbles with an elongated shape (if you want to simulate human forms) or flat and very rounded. Also collect the pieces of shells of all colors...

Don't forget the small multicolored and translucent pieces of frosted glass that abound where bottles have been broken!

Constitute yourself a war treasure in which you can draw later on according to your imagination... You may be lucky enough to come across natural shapes in the shape of a heart for example... Don't pass without seeing them!

Galets en forme de coeur

And with all these materials ?

At the beginning, it is better to imitate existing pebble works: this is how you will learn to arrange your pebbles and after a few exercises you will see at first glance where to place what you have picked up!

Here are a few examples, from the simplest to the most complicated!

Directly on the beach... with sorted pebbles (good opportunity to involve the children) you can make "ephemeral artistic works" that will be swept away by the next tide...

And then it's a great opportunity to go further and make your first pebble painting, a composition that will be framed in a shadow box, of course!


 A first lesson of Pebble-art...

See how you can with little, a board, small pebbles, a little glue and a lot of taste, compose a charming painting in a few minutes!

Don't hesitate to take the plunge!