Pebble art achievements... Ideas!

Some examples easy to imitate...


American artists

This technique is brand new in Europe, but has been practiced for a very long time on the other side of the Atlantic. With pebbles, one can create various works of art... There are practically no limits to the imagination of some artists who create paintings that start from extreme simplicity to the greatest complexity.

The art is to suggest, to underline, to give birth to forms and actions!

Look : a dry branch, a pebble with a touch of red gouache, a small transparent heart...and here is a robin singing in its frame !



woman out of pebble


It sometimes happens that, on the beach, we find pebbles with strange shapes... in the shape of hearts for example or in the shape of an animal!

The author of this Pebble Art Picture has achieved the impossible: collecting a complete alphabet book! A feat when we think of the number of pebbles that we had to sort !!!


Don't hesitate to frame your works, to highlight them: the pebbles that literally "come out" of this passe-partout bring relief, depth and life to this painting.


Don't forget to pick up the small pieces of frosted glass mixed with the pebbles and use them afterwards! They will make perfect tree leaves hanging from the branches you use...


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