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Discover Mail Art
Karine Brush

 Create your own envelopes, stamps your personalized ...

The author offers over 40 original designs explained in detail with templates and sketches.


Mail Art: 
Mail art - Art posted
Renaud Siegmann

It's like the history of mail art ...

E singular, unprecedented haul, haul like no other: the mail art, a whole world, what a story! 



Mail Me Art:
Going Postal With the
World's Best Illustrators
and Designers
Darren Di Lieto

In English ... but surely the best of its kind.

Mail me art

Very complete and detailed: the "barrier" of the language is quickly forgotten as the illustrations speak for themselves.

350 False stamps
Jean Bachès

Mail used stamps art forgery

A whole series (350) of false stamps canceled all ...

A game indulged Jean Bach, when he was inspired, drew a false stamp and shipped the same day ... in the mail!

Postmarked authentic!


Why to make false postage stamps??


Today, the "false and counterfeits" abound ... False Lacoste , false Chanel, Faux-Montblanc ... than customs try to intercept when naively you return from Turkey with suitcases full of counterfeits!

Not about making false-postage here to mislead anyone! And while someones fun to stamp mails with their own-stamps( see this blog , among others ...) I do not advise you to try to imitate them! You may have big trouble with the postal services!

Postage stamps fraudulent false

There are even those who display their "offenses" in books ... See column 3 of this page the book of John Bach: Mail-Art: 350 false-used stamps ...

No no, this is simply to imitate the postage-stamps of ournational post service, to our delight and adorn our scrapbook pages. You can even stick them on envelopes that you send ... provided you have properly stamped them with real stamps!

Workboats fake stamp

There are several techniques for making fake stamps, including those described on this site: make scrapbooking fake stampsand uses a template system, pads and chalk ...

False stamps scrapaly Canalblog

In this new page, false stamps will be produced from an image processing software: PHOTOSHOP. Only the basic functions will be used: This step by step is fully transferable to your favorite software: PhotoFiltre, GIMP or PaintShopPro ...

Artist stamps we will get are almost larger than life ... happily and we will replace the "laurel wreaths Marianne's head" by our own portrait ... It's still more interesting!


Step by Step: Making a false stamp


STEP 1: Start with a "real" stamp.

The big problem ... it is the perforations of the stamp ... they are difficult to imitate. So it is best to start with a real stamp which you will recover the structure ...

See you on the official website of LAPOSTE where are offered all the latest official postal stamps. I suggest you to click on the "Fine Stamps" button and then choose one of the major formats that are available by clicking on one of them.


Click "enlarge", a window opens with, a larger image of the stamp, here the TGV's 30th anniversary with all its perforations!

Window with stamp TGV 30 years


Right click on the image, then copy the image from the context menu that appears. We are now ready to work it in Photoshop!


STEP2: Recovering the structure of the stamp.

Now open your software image processing ...

Complete File> New Document and confirm

New fake stamp paper


Now do Edit> Paste (I give you full controls ... but it is faster to use the shortcuts here Ctrl + V). Your postage stamp appears.

Indentation recovery


Take the rectangular marquee tool and select the central part of the stamp:

Recovery perforations 3


It suffices now to delete the selected part ... by pressing theDelete key ... Then rename the Layer 1: Dentelures (perforations) ... The structure of your future stamp is now ready for use:

Recovery phase four indentations


STEP3: Setting up your image.

You have chosen an image that will replace that of the TGV ... For me, I'll install a picture of an oil painting representing a seascape of the bay of Douarnenez ...

Start by opening your image in photoshop. You certainly need to resize it... the structure of the stamp is approximately 400x300 pixels.


Setting up a

So do Image>Image size and fill the field width to 400 pixels ...Validate. If that does not fit then you can always adapt ...

Now select the whole image: Select> All (Ctrl + A or better) then Edit> Copy (or Ctrl + C).

Now go back to the structure of the stamp ... and paste your image by Edit>Paste (Ctrl + V). A new layer appears in the layers: rename it  "image".  Click on this layer "image", hold the clickand drag to move the layer between the "indentations" and background.

Setting up the image in the false stamp

It remains to crop the image to fit exactly in the layer "serrations".

Select the layer "indentations" in the Layers window and then with the magic wand, click in the middle of the image. While the center is selected. Make Select> Inverse.

implementation of the image

Now select the layer "image" and press Delete. The image is now cropped to fill exactly "Indentation" layer.

STEP4: Implementation of the texts.

Like any good self-respecting postage stamp, ours must have a face value ... So that there is no ambiguity, I chose ... € 3.33 at least it is clear: no question to use it on a true mail! It must also include the country of origin : FRANCE and the issuing LAPOSTE 2012.

I add, for the proper weight and good measure, the logo of LAPOSTE and named the place shown in the thumbnail: Telgruc sur Mer...

Just work with the text tool ... no particular problems ... As I chose white texts, I've just played with the drop shadow for a better visibility. When it's finished, save your work.

Faux finished stamp


STEP 5: Setting to the real size

the true dimensions of the stamp are 40x30mm ... Ours is too large, it should reduce it a little ...

Begin with Select> All. Then Edit> Copy Merged.

Create a new document (File> New or Ctrl + N) and paste (Ctrl + V) the selection.

Use the magic wand tool, make sure the Contiguous option is checked pui click between the edge of the image and the serrations. The part outside the patch is selected: delete it by pressing Delete.

Now put your stamp to size:

Resize the image

When the stamp is properly scaled, save it in .Png or .Jpeg:

Faux finished stamp


STEP 6: "Planche" or rolls of stamps.

To better present your project, you will be presented in the form of a sheet of 4 stamps we call in France "PLANCHE"... To do this, create a new document (File> New or Ctrl + N) with the dimensions 600x400 pixels. Call this document "planche".

Stamps a board

Return to your postage stamp (step5) and do Select> All thenEdit> Copy merged.

Return to "board" and make 4 times in a row: Edit> Paste or faster Ctrl + V . This creates four layers each containing a copy of your stamp.

Board construction 2 stamps

Take the move tool, check the Auto Select (top left) and start to layout your stamps in "planche". You can also layout them in a roll shape ...

Plate 3 stamps

It should match the indentations (which will assemble without problems: it is a REAL stamp structure !)... move the stamps with the mouse. Make fine adjustments with the arrow keys ...

When everything is ready, merge the layers 1 to 4. Add a drop shadow by setting the size it to 10 pixels (this will darken the holes and indentations to highlight the edges ...

Instrument timbres complete


Want to cancel your false stamps?


To complete the resemblance, your false stamp must be obliterated! As an true!

So it remains for you to browse the net in search of brushes ... or boards of cancellations ... Many from the United States and have nothing to do with those of the Post!

Cancellations United States


But if you prefer to make yourself your cancellations ... look at this tutorial: postmarks and false cancellations ... You will learn how to build the buffer and the ripples that accompany

Postmark postmark