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1,000 Artist Trading Cards
Patricia Bolton


Making artist trading cards (ATCs) is a hugely popular activity for artists.

ATCs are mini art works, the size of a playing card, often created as limited editions. The back of each card contains the artist's name and contact information.

This collection inspires with 1,000 original cards in a beautiful pageant of color, composition, and creative use of materials. The book also includes a special section devoted to explaining what ATCs are, how to get started, and includes some exciting technique information.

ATC: Making of your first 3D card ...

 PhotoChristelle  Christelle signature

> How long have you scrap?

I scrap since June 2007, my favorite scrapbooking subjects are my children; I like to test all the styles, I like change!

> What do you do scrapbooking?

I scrapbook 30x30 pages and also 10x13 cards , I'm trying everything ... I'm also on the scrap objects called altered items.

What are your favorite colors?

My colors : all the colors, but I love the color lavender.

What brings you scrap?

Scrapbooking is for letting off steam, ca'm mind, I do not think of anything during that time. Because I'm at home, I look after my three children and suddenly I do not see anybody : scrapbooking has allowed me to talk on a lot forums and I participate in challenges that bring me full of different techniques and virtual girlfriends and sometimes real encounters , it's really cool!

Visit the CRICRI's site

"CricriPassion" is the site of Christelle who has made a specialty of 3D cards and napkin holders on all matters... 



This does not prevent her from practicing assiduously scrapbooking ... and even to win very played challenges ... with very original achievements* ... like this :

Scrapbooking page by Cricri
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Making of the 3D card :



. ETAPP KNIPWERK card-cuttings 
. a X-ACTO cutter 
. squares of adhesive foam (pads)
. Fitting paperboard.



Your Etappe Knipwerk card is mostly A4.

Start by observing and identifying the different parts that compose it.

3D card Etappe knipwerk

You will now hollow with an X-ACTO the different white parts ... like on the picture below:

Step 2

After completing the cuts, you set the adhesive foam pads on the back of elements ranging crescendo with all the pieces.

position the foam adhesive

That is : all elements have been positioned and fixed on the pads.

Positionned elements


Choose now a matching up cardboard and attach your 3D card on it...

Choice of the frame

Then, you enhance your card as you see fit ... with bits of wool, stickers, beads, pearls, text ... for your special card will be pretty

Card completed


Some others examples ...

. Happy birthday ...

A birthday card

. Flowers and blue butterflies

Flowers and blue spangles

. demo card...

demo card