How to attach hooks to plasterboard walls

Plasterboard walls problem !

When you want to fix on a hollow material, and particularly in plasterboard walls (dry walls, BA13 and others), it is necessary to use specific wall plugs.

In plasterboard, traditional dowels are not suitable : they hold badly in the partition because of the fragility of the plaster partition.

There exist various systems for that but none will really enable you to suspend heavy loads on this kind of walls (unless dividing the load by multiplying the number of anchoring points).

Also note that the quality of your fixing will depend much of the quality of your walls : one often meets partitions made with disconcerting friability and plasterboards non in conformity … Be careful !

An universal dowel

The technology is progressing every day and, in a few years, we have seen the emergence of new anchors that can be used in practically all circumstances: solid or hollow concrete, drywall, brick, wood... This is the DUO-POWER of the FISCHER brand! Just one word: they are fantastic!

An excellent hold in all supports!

Hollow wall anchor metal with expansion.

The legs deviate behind the plasterboard for better distributing the load (wall plugs MOLLY…)

Molly wal plug

According to the opinions on the DIY forums, it is one of the most robust fixings if you use only the Molly wall plugs !

Directions for use:

Bore a hole of diameter slightly lower than the diameter of wall plug.
Unscrew of 3 turns the screw and insert the whole in the hole.
Slip the special Molly setter tool between the flange and the head of screw and tighten: wall plug deviates in umbrella behind the partition.

Wall plug plastic with expansion.

System similar to the precedent. The legs are not out of metal but out of plastic.

plastic hollow wall plug

This model is a little less robust than the precedent.


Wall plug of Nylon anchoring

With this system, you engage the screw in the wall plug and you make pass the whole in the hole to make it pass behind the pasterboard. Then you tighten the screw to draw aside the branches of anchoring.


It is a little like the system of wall plugs said to strike. To reserve for the weak loads with averages.

Wall plug with rocker

A rocker folds back on the other side of the plate after being inserted in the hole at the same time as the threaded rod. When this one is tightened, the rocker is plated against the back of the partition and is anchored via 2 pins.

wall plug with rocker

It is a good system to be held for the average charges.

Spring toggle

This system includes/understands 2 wings close to the threaded rod of the screw which one inserts with those in a hole bored in the board. The wings deviate once passed behind the support under the effect of a spring. IT is then enough to tighten the screw to obtain a solid fixing against the plate.

spring toggle

Good alternative to the preceding one. Solid and reliable.

Self Drilling Plaster Fix

The point with wings of this wall plug allows a direct screwing in the plaster board. One screws then fixing in wall plug.

self drilling plaster fix

To reserve for the light loads.

Drive plasterboard fixing (like Redi)

This wall plug has a sharp-edged point and a threading such as it is screwed directly in the plasterboard. One screws then the screw fastening in wall plug.

System similar to the preceding one… light fixings


With only a hammer...

Its very easy to use, simply hammer in and it will take a lot of weight.

hammer a wall plug

Special plasterboard scell-it BABY wall plug

This wall plug polyamide special BA13 is a "with expansion" wall plug of new design.

scell-it plug

It is implemented without special tool and gives a tear stength of 25kg (see the description on the Scell-It site).


Scell-it HERKUL !

To follow the all new wall plug “Herkull” of the same company which is announced for 50kg in the BA13… Miraculous and Incredible !!!

No need a hole, only a screw driver !

Retrieve Herkull plugs on this website...


No tools needed with this useful hooks ! :

If the frame you've to hang  is not too heavy... don't forget to use these special wall hanger hooks.

Hercules special wall hanger hooks

No drilling, no hammer... only the hook you twist, push and turn. I tried it : it's strong !

There are dozen and dozens models for these hooks well known as : monkey picture hangers.

See these "twist, push and turn" hooks HERE... at a very low price ! The second model is sold with a special laser marker as a free bonus ! Very useful !



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