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Making Comics:
Storytelling Secrets
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Making Comics, like its predecessors, is also an eye-opening trip behind the scenes of art-making, fascinating for anyone reading comics as well as those making them .

Making Comics



Drawing Words
and Writing Pictures:
Making Comics:

Manga, Graphic Novels,
and Beyond

Drawing Words and Writing Pictures

Learn to create your own comics with Drawing Words and Writing Pictures, a richly illustrated collection of 15 in-depth lessons that cover everything from crafting your story to lettering and laying out panels. 



Cartoonizing is easy! : From the first pencil stroke to completion [Paperback]

BD facile easy Cartoon

This comprehensive book includes 50 lessons and 50 exercises and put the comic strip making to everyone!

In french language... but easy to understand



Come one baby in my comic strip !

Presenting our photos in a unique and varied way... is what we Comic strip from photos Veniceare looking for in digital scrapbooking ... Always in order to have a better appearence.

The technique we describe here is not strictly Scrapbooking ... but might give you ideas for other presentations ... even for work with your children.

In this special Comics technical tutorial, you will give your photos a comic strip look ... then place them in the form of a comics page as if they came out of the last Tintin !

All operations on pictures were made with Photoshop. They are basic and have no complications or complicated adjustments.

And to do this, we use a built-in filter called Poster Edges... (a filter is a transformation to change a digital image to give it an effect).

All other software for image processing (the Gimp, PhotoFiltre or PaintShopPro) have similar effects (sometimes it is necessary to combine 2 effects, outline or edge detection + posterization).

I chose pictures of Venice (HUMM. .. what memories!). As a pretext to "tell you a story". You have certainly provided a series of pictures ready to be put into your comic page !


The Photoshop filter POSTER EDGES

It is a photoshop "filter" modifying a digital photo and giving it a "cartoon" look ...

You will find it : Filter> Artistic> Poster Edges.

Basically (roughly), this filter will detect and draw black edges of the picture, which will create the drawing. The posterization simplify the colors of your image ... giving it a quite comic style.

But rather than explain (badly) something so easy ... let's see a specific example? Here is a photo of Gondolas in a foggy morning in Venice ... cropped made to order !

Sans Giorgio Maggiore


By applying first the filter Poster Edges and second by slightly changing the hue and saturation, we have obtained an interesting effect ...

Sans Giorgio Maggiore


For your information and because you have to accord to the photo, I made adjustments for:

thickness ........... 1
intensity ............. 5
posterization ....... 2

Then I've taken : Image> Adjustments> Hue and Saturation for color adjustment, and have just pushed the green a little bit to obtain a predominant color ...

With PhotoFiltre Studio, I tried Filter> Artistic> Comics and I was not very satisfied with the result ... But I don't know this soft and it is possible that I have misused it ? If you are familiar with this software ... may be can you teach me how I can do !

The Gimp, a very good free software, has a filter called cartoon (Filter>artistic>cartoon). If you try this filter, the result is pretty good but after the treatment you have to posterize your picture for simplifying the colors.

For this example, the cartoon filter adjustments were : mask : 6 and black 0.5... and for the posterize, i've chosen 8 colors and here is the result :

Venice cartoon


With the Gimp... you can obtain better results... look HERE for a tutorial Cartoonizing photos with the gimp.

If you need a special COMIC STRIP SCRIPT with The GIMP, you can download this special GIMP COMIC BOOK script from Joe Kitella. Click to download this Gimp Comic Strip action

If you're addict of paint shop pro... it's a little more difficult... look at this PAGE for a Comic Book Effect.

And if you do not have Photoshop ...
Use the Gimp...

Just because you haven't Photoshop... you'll did not be Befunkyblocked ! There is a web site specialized in image processing ... and offers you for free to "Cartoonizer"your pics.

This site is Befunky where you simply upload your photo, choose the desired effect (here Cartoonizer) without adjustment or complication to obtain a quite perfect image.

Using the same photo of the gondolas in front of San Giorgio, click the pic to see the result ...

Befunky exemple

The definition is worse ... but the effect is quite good comics !

You can also on this site (unexpected!) upload a video ... and it becomes a very bluffing cartoon! Just as an example look at this little video ... ->Click to see the video


Mounting the page ...

You have imagined a scenario ? OK you've your story board... It is now necessary to sort out the pictures you will use. To do this, don't hesitate to use your Photo Manager's thumbnail mode. Create a new directory and call it “MyComicStrip” and drag-in the photos you want to keep.

In this way, if you do not have a pictures management and treatment software, I propose you to discover IRFANVIEW. It is a remarkably soft ... and entirely free, real Swiss army knife for photos and pictures with unequalled opportunities.


Then, open Photoshop and treat all the concerned pictures with the Poster Edges filter giving them a comic strip look. When the job is finished, save your new pics in the MyComicStrip directory.

In your editing software image, open a new image to white A4 (300 dpi) and start to place your images by varying their layout. Alternate "wide" and "narrow" photos ... like in a real comic strip. You can take for template... a real comic page you've scanned !

Draw a black border around images for more realism.

Of course, you will add text-bubbles or comments frames . Same the example at the beginning of this page, on the pics you draw rectangular selections that you fill with yellow (or other). Then you write comment (with COMICS font seems be right !).

What to do with your comic pages ?

The first solution is to print them ... on a sheet of not glossy photo paper ... if you have a good quality printer.

Consider also the web sites of photo printing that can give you a perfect result and not too expensive on A4 sheets !

Why, if you've made several pages of pics, not thinking to pFotorint a photo album? Many sites offer to print A4 size one for a very low cost ... I think (free advertising) of site in Europa which print 20 pages for less than 12 € ! Personalized cover included ! And it will be a great memory if your children are the actors of the comic strip !

Rajasthan India travel book

Remember also to take advantage of on going promotions of this type of site !

With the small provided layout software, you can even make at home your assemblage and layout !

Now you know everything about making comics ... or quite ! it's your turn !




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