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(Craft Workshop)

Emma Hardy (Author)

 cardboard workshop

Includes a comprehensive guide to cardboard and to the basic materials, equipment adn techniques needed to complete all the projects.

The Paper Crafter's Bible
Elizabeth Moad (Author)

paper crafter's bible

Discover a fresh way of learning new papercrafts with this comprehensive, illustrated volume.

This is an indispensable guide to exploring a wide spectrum of papercraft techniques. It gives the beginner a foundation, the intermediate a refresher... and inspiration to take it a stage further.


Bybby is a young designer specialized in the objects of decoration and pieces of furniture out of paperboard. She makes original bybby creations for the interior as well as jewels and other accessories.

On her french site, you will find her creations of an extreme diversity. Paperboard area, mosaic area while passing by scrapbooking and seams areas, she designs, diverts, re-uses, reinvents a coloured and decorative world to the extreme.

In this page, she describes for us the making of a mirror-frame, out of paperboard, whose making technique can very easily be diverted to frame a photograph, a watercolour…

 Find Bybby on its site:

The workshop of Bybby

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For the majority of the supplies it is about recycling :

Paperboard (from box board)
An old calendar out of rigid paperboard,
An auxiliary mirror with plastic framing for bathroom (here dimensions of the mirror used are of 7.2"x9.6"),
Sticks of adhesive and hot glue gun,
Brown gummed tape in roller and wet sponge,
Wallpaper glue,
Woodworking glue,
Neoprene glue,
A frame fastener and its 2 small nails, acrylic Painting, and all about decoration and embellishments (cabochons, pastilles mirrors, dimensional painting “Tulip”… etc…)


Preparation :

First remove the plastic framing of the mirror (if you want only make a picture frame, just skip this step).





Mirror recycling

Cut out the pieces of the frame :

Using the mirror (or the picture you want to frame) like a gauge, transfer the shape of the mirror on paperboard.

Draw the outline of the frame so that the interior edges do not touch the contour of the mirror and that the higher edges exceed at least 1".

Reproduce that profile a second time. We then have the first 2 profiles of the frame.

Draw a third profile by drawing the mirror outlines of and cut to 1" of the edges. Here we have the mirror support .

Preparing the frame :

Stick one to the other the first 2 profiles with the adhesive gun.

Cover the inner and outer edges with brown gummed tape.

Tear strips of newspaper.

Prepare wallpaper glue as indicated on its packing and add a full spoon of woodworking glue.

Paste the bands of newspaper in a direction, then after drying, in the other direction, in order to cover all surface and the sections interior and external of the 2 pasted profiles.



The decoration of the frame :

Paint the framework and Decorate it with your own way.

The support of the mirror:

Stick the mirror with the hot glue gun on the 3rd profile by locating marks.

Cut out of the old paperboard calendar, with same dimensions as the 3rd profile and hollow out the interior with dimensions of the mirror.

This frame thus preformed makes it possible to fill the thickness of the mirror. Stick around the mirror.



Assemble of the frame and the support of the mirror:

On the back of the frame, mark the place of the mirror support.

Paste with the adhesive-gun the contour of the mirror and apply to the back of the framing.

Cover the back with gummed tape for a better completion.

Paste with neoprene adhesive the frame fastener and stud so that the ring is found apart from the support of the mirror.


Decorate as desired with acrylic paint satin... Ah! Last thing to do ... Don't forget to hang your mirror !