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Shelves cabinets and bookcase

Everyone needs more storage for books and other media...

A ready made
picture ledge :

Change of Decoration : Adopt the picture frame ledges !

Why a picture frame shelf ??

IKEA shelf for paintingsYou often change your home decoration and you're tired of constellate your walls with holes for your hooks ...

Then you need a picture frame shelf !

 This is a great way to display elegantly your photos and small frames while allowing you to change their layout at any time.


With a high flexibility, this shelf system for your picture frames can expose by the same way books or small items


This will prove particularly useful for storing the numerous books of the collection of your little daughter in her bedroom !

And these picture frame rails find their place in almost all the house: lounge, kitchen, hallway ...

And if you're never satisfied with the layout of your frames on the wall ... place them on this type of shelf and re-organize your show as often as you want ...

Added benefit your frames are always right, no need to straighten them every time you pass !


 Corridor ledge


Buy a ready-made picture ledge ...

The price this type of shelves are sold is very low , say at once that it is not very profitable to make your own ...

In fact, you can find on, in particular, different models, large and small at very low prices: less than $ 10 for the model of 55cm! (And less than $ 15 for that of 110cm). Hard to beat in making your own !

Shelf at IKEA tables RIBBA


I leave you to search Google with the keywords RIBBA picture ledge ... but the're lot of stores selling different models of picture shelves...

The mounting system is very simple : just a couple of holes to drill ... you put the wall plugs and you screw the whole on the wall ...

Attaching the shelf RIBBA

Do not be scared to drill your wall ... Here's an easy way to put it back to its original condition when you move :

- Remove the shelf by loosening the screws a little and push the anchors in the wall ...

- Then plug the hole with some plaster (buy a bag of Polyfilla spackle or other) ...

- Let dry and then give a little bit of fine sandpaper. At this point, the repair is already almost invisible on a light color painted wallt.

- If you are a perfectionist, mix some white gouache and color tubes to find the exact color of your wall to give just one point on the coating of paint ...

(Some tenants plug such holes with some toothpaste ... but it is a method not recommended!)

Ikea shelf Ribba atmosphere white

For the composition below, we used two Ikea Ribba picture ledges each 115cm long and assembled to give a set of 160cm long.

These shelves were also painted in very light gray to better fit the agree with the colors of the room where they were placed.

Shelf above a sofa

Note that the picture frames who are willing are also RIBBA Ikea frames.

Make your own picture ledge

If you preferto make your own ledge, it's perfectly possible to do from cleats sold in DIY stores ...

Do not rely, however, make a big saving compared to the picture frame shelves from local stores: at least you'll have the pleasure of having made yourself and to your exact dimensions. Here is how to proceed.

Supplies. (For two 110 cm-shelves)

Dimensions are to be determined as needed.

. fir slats 220cm in length

- A strip of 220x80x15
- A strip of 220x60x15
- A strip of 220x40x15

If you have trouble finding these dimensions (this is not always easy), you can cut (or order) strips of equal width in particleboard or best in medium-density fiberboard 16 or 19mm ...

. wood glue good quality

. chipboard screws 50mm for fixing to the wall plugs +

. 2 or 3 clamps for tightening during bonding.

NOTE : in US buy fir lumber in 1x4, 1x2 and 1x1

Implementing a 110cm ledge .

Start by cutting a strip of 110cm in the 80-slat then cut two strips of the same length in the other two woodstrips.

Glue the edges and assemble according to plan. Place your clamps while the glue is drying ... It is necessary to maintain an adequate tightness to get a strong bonding.

If the bonding is done correctly, it is not absolutely necessary to consolidate the assembly with thin nails or screws.

Assembly of the shelf

When the glue is dry, sand the wood to remove the inevitable bumps and pass with the spackling-knife some plaster to fill the holes. Sand again when it is dry.

Your picture frame ledge is now ready to be painted with matching color to the place where you will set it.

Set the ledge in place ...

With a power drill, make the holes through which you insert the screws into the wall (3 holes on the diagram).

Here's how to easily drill in the wall ...

Put the rack in place and with a pencil through one of the holes, mark the location on the wall of the first pin. Remove the shelf and drill the wall. Put your wall plug, present the shelf and then screw the first screw.

Now put your shelf upright (possibly use a level) and mark with a pencil the location of the two other pins ... You can drill now your wall safe in there: the holes well correspond with those of the shelf ...

If you want to hide the mounting screws, plug the holes with some plaster to cover the screws, sand after drying and make the final touches of paint (but often the screws are hidden by the frames resting on the shelf).


How to arrange the frames ?

Play simultaneous with unity and diversity !

In the example below, all frames are black which gives to the set a certain unity. The variety of the latter is ensured by the diversity of frames used : large, small, Multi-Photo ... and by some touches of color photos.

frameworks available on the shelf to tables


The two principles of unity and diversity are respected and thus give rhythm and balance to this composition.

Do not place the frames side by side, in a single file ... Put them with harmony so that small frames overlap greatest frames.

Please take note of a progression : on a short shelf (55cm) place the greatest frames rather in the center by reducing the size of them when approaching the edges. Have an odd number of frames.


Provision of frames RIBBA

On a larger ledge, you can create groups of frames. Do not forget to be "overlapping" frames to create the unit ... Insert some variety : frame of a different color (below, look at different form of the oval), unusual object ...


2 rack frames available