How to easy choice a COLOR HARMONY


This is the puzzle of all decorators ... how to choose and match the colors of an interior design...

For the picture framer, the problem is even more acutely: the framed art, the mat and the frame itself must form a harmonious whole that must be integrated with the existing decor. For this we must commit no error in the selection and approval of the colors.


The PALETTON software


There was previously a handy program to identify color harmonies ... It was the COLOR SCHEME DESIGNER ... This program has been perfected, its ergonomics ccompletely revised and now is a success! This almost magical program is the PALETTON .

This imply you have a little knowledge of color theory ... if it is not the case, you will find here a page dedicated to this subject ... Obviously, the use of this program is free and devoid of any unwanted advertising!

Then go with me to the page  ... I will explains how it works.

Paletton accueil1

Choose your harmony

You will first select the type of harmony you want to get ... monochromatic (camaieu), adjacent colors, contrasting colors, 3 or 4 tones ... by clicking one of the indicated options. Don't forget to mention or not the "complement" option (it's for contrasting colors).

Paletton, choice of harmonybase

Select the main base color

Base color must now set for your harmony ... To do this, click on the black point in the color wheel and move it to the desired color ...

Paletton choice of the base color

Choice of associated colors

By clicking and moving the gray points of the color wheel, you choose your appropriate secondary colors ... To obtain a color harmony, the 3 points ont the color wheel must form an isosceles triangle... this harmony is perfect when it becomes equilateral.


Paletton choice of secondary color


light settings

it only remains to adjust the sharpness and contrast of your harmony ... For this, with the mouse, move the focal point in all directions


paletton light and contrast adjustment choices


You read directly results in the right part of Paletton ... Your harmony and its different shades instantly appearing there


Your colors in harmony

You get by clicking "Color Table" a chart of your colors ... with their html codes, RGB, CMYK ...

One regret, RAL values ​​are not shown


Color Table paletton

If you choose one color per line, in different intensities you will have, in pastel or more acidic tones, the harmony of 3 colors that you want...



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