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How long have you been practicing home-deco?

I have been practicing home deco since May 2008. I discovered while looking for a painting for my interior, my walls were all white because I had just moved and I couldn't find paintings in aniseed green and pink tones in the shops. So I searched the Internet and discovered people who were doing home decor. I thought, why not try it and I went for it. Since then, it has become a real passion!

The forum http://homedeco.forumactif.info/ (it is closed since then) has also helped me well (advice and tips).

What do you prefer to do in home deco? 

I love paintings on the theme of nature with flowers, leaves, butterflies... besides, I have many on this theme on my site!

What are your favourite colours? 

I love aniseed green but it is the most difficult color for me to create.

I make many blends before I am satisfied with my green.

Otherwise, I also like the turquoise and brown association very much.

What does home deco bring you?

It is a real moment of relaxation after work. It allows me to think of something else and let my imagination work because I love to create.

I often do "creative" evenings, I do a lot of drawings on paper until I find the sketch of my future painting.


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Small painting of aniseed green and pink flowers

For your first steps in home decoration, I propose this small painting of flowers in the tones of aniseed green and fuschia pink.

Equipment used :

Canvas frame 24 x 30 cm
Fuchsia pink paint
Anise green paint
Masking tape


Step 1 - Background of the canvas:

First, paint the background of the canvas in aniseed green.


Once the paint dries, stick tape to delimit the colour bands and paint pink and green bands. For a lighter pink, add white paint.


Step 2 - Draw the flowers

When the paint is dry, draw the leaves and flowers with a wooden pencil or trace them or use a stencil to outline them.




Step 3 - Paint the leaves

Paint the leaves in white color using a very fine brush special contour



Step 4 - Paint the flowers

And finally, paint the flowers in a more intense green to bring them out.
There you go! There you go!


Et voilà !


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