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African Canvas: The Art of West African Women
Margaret Courtney-Clark

African canvas art home deco

Margaret Coutney documents the bold geometric and symbolic wall paintings made by women in remote West African villages. These women transform objects from their daily world--a fish net, a cooking pot, a weaving, a calabash--into rippling patterns laden with cosmic significance.

A gold mine for creative ideas ! (Expensive ! Buy it used... from $26)


Artful Spaces: DIY Wall Art for the Home
Gerard Smith

ArtFul spaces : how to DIY wall art for home

Looking for quick, creative ways to add art to the spaces in your hom e? You'll find them here.Artful Spaces gives you just what you want - art projects that actually look good and take hardly any time at all. And the best part: There's no experience needed...

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Berangere   Berangere sign

How long have you practice homemade canvas ?

I practice homemade canvas since May 2008. I discovered homemade canvas by searching an artwork for my home, my walls were all white because I had just moved and I could not find arts with shades of lime green and pink in the stores. So, I searched the Internet and I discovered people doing homemade canvas. I thought, why not try and I started. Since it became a passion!

Forum also helped me (advice and tips).

What do you prefer in homemade canvas ? 

I love paintings on the theme of nature with flowers, leaves, butterflies ... Besides, I have a lot on this topic here on my site!

What are your favorite colors? 

I love the lime green color but it's the color the most difficult to create for me.

I realize many mixtures before being satisfied with my green!

Otherwise, I also love the combination of turquoise and brown.

What brings you homemade canvas ?

It is a real moment of relaxation after work. This makes me think of something else and let my imagination working because I love creating.

I often organize "creative" evenings , I do a lot of drawings on paper until I find the sketch of my future painting.

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Original decorating ideas ...

Decorate your room in the model of your quilt (or bumper for babies)!

You want to decorate a nursery, child or adult with the reasons for the quilt, it is possible. Send him a photo of your quilt and Bérangère will offer an array together with the same color and same style of reasons.

Full details here 

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Small canvas of flowers and Rose Green anise


BerangereId2For your homemade canvas first steps, I suggest you to make this small canvas with flowers in shades of acid lime green and fuchsia.

Equipment used:
* Chassis canvas 24 x 30 cm
* Pencil Paper
* Fuschia Paint 
* Lime green paint

Step 1 -Canvas background :

First, paint the bottom of the canvas with the anise green paint.


Once the paint is dry, glue a tape to define the stripes and paint them with pink and green paint. For a lighter pink, add white paint.

 Step 2 - Drawing Flowers

When the paint is dry, draw with a pencil leaves and flowers or decal them or use a stencil to draw their contours.


home made art Berangere 1

Step 3 - Painting the leaves

Paint with white paint the leaves using a very fine brush "Special stroke" model.

home made art Berangere 2

Step 4 - Painting flowers

And finally, paint flowers with a darker green paint for more sustained emphasis.
Et voilà !

home made art Berangere done


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