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Now it’s easier than ever to save time and money doing your own framing at home.



This demonstrates how easy it is to mat, mount, and frame art on paper and cloth, as well as three-dimensional objects. Readers will discover, step by step...

A very good one !


How to Make Your Own Picture Frames
Ed Reinhardt, Hal Rogers

It's the 3rd edition !

A best ! Easy to find used !



A collection of some of the best framing projects published by American Woodworker magazine


IKEA frames in 12"x16" format

Ah, we would not get too tired for this page ! Since, unlike the usual, we will not build our picture frame. but use a ready to use frame from a big home furnishing store : IKEA !

portraits to frame, frame cheap!

This is a simultaneous order of 2 portraits and, for once, to deliver framed ... with a cheap and beautiful picture frame ... Mmm... cheap frame ? Beautiful frame ??? It's a challenge ! So I started to use frames found in a IKEA store, very complete as supplied with glass, mat, backing and hanging system ... all at a very low price of 15$ for one ! Good way to get very affordable frames.

IKEA Picture Frame RIBBA

In IKEA stores, no reference numbers ... only proper names, , even impossible to pronounce ... In USA the name is FJALLSTA (why in France they're sold with the name RIBBA ?). For once, the name is not too complicated for these IKEA photo frames : "FJALLSTA" !!! These "FJALLSTA frames" are available in multiple formats (10x15 special photo frames and larger, square frames) and various wood tones: white, aluminum, light birch, walnut ... plenty to suit in your home.

The portraits to frame are in A4 format (8,5"x11,5")... so I chose 30x40 frames (about 12"x16"). The provided ivory mat has an opening of 8"x11" and 2" margins on each side... The mat opening window is slightly too big for our sketches : it will be lined with an exceeding paper strip/0} that will make the opening a little bit smaller ... and provide an additionnal decorative element by focusing more on the pencil portrait.


Unpacking the frames :
provided materials.


Originally, the frames are plastic film wrapped and protected by cardboard corners. After removing the packaging, you must fold up the small flat tabs that hold the "package" in the frame (take care to fold them along the frame ... it will facilitate the subsequent fitting of the "package" in its frame).

Then remove the 4 elements: wood background bundle, a direction for use sheet, the mat and the glass (it's true glass not plasctic!) and a small plastic bag containing the hanging system ..

Elements under Ikea Ribba 30x40


Making of exceeding strips


We will first install the exceeding bands inside the mat.

An exceeding band is a small strip of fancy or colored paper, stuck behind the mat "overflowing" it a few millimeters. It is an additional decorative element that enhances the sketch by creating a transition between art and mat.

1) In a "binding" paper (or marbled paper or simply color CANSON drawing paper) should be cut strips of the width of a flat ruler (3 cm). We use the ruler as a gauge... With the back of the cutter blade and the ruler, mark a longitudinal fold in the middle... and the tape is folded upon itself.

2) The tapes are stuck behind the mat, slightly surpassing the opening from 3 to 5mm, then the ends are cut in place at 45° angle (use the 45° square).

Cut protruding into context IKEA

If the explanations are insufficient, you can refer to the exceeding technique (here) (BEVEL and EXCEEDING STRIP) or CLIP FRAME and EXCEEDING BAND (THERE) or on this new page: How to Make mats with exceeding strips .

In doing so, it decreases slightly the mat opening... This was also here the deal.


Mounting the portrait

The easiest way here is to set the portrait directly to the back of the mat.This is not an academic way at all! If you want to respect the basic rules of framing pictures, you should use a centering board... or possibly a sub-centering board ... But this time we go to shorter !

Place the picture on the table, face up, top of the figure to you by slightly going over the table ... Cover with the mat and adjust to center the picture.

When everything is OK, take together portrait and a mat (holding firmly so that there is no offset) and paste a piece of gummed kraft tape (about 6cm) to fix the art to the mat (prepare it in advance !). Put only one gummed kraft : some arts, set top and bottom end to curl under the glass of the frame!

Mounting the portrait on the mat



Making of the "package"


It is now time to clip on the back panel the two special flat clips that will be used to fix the wire attachment.

Clean with a cloth the protective glass ... at least the side that will be inaccessible when the package will be sealed.

Lay on the table: the backing, the mat with mounted portrait and the glass. Prepare a gummed kraft tape and stick it on a length, covering the glass of 5mm. Then fold back and glue on the bottom panel.

With the knife, release the flat clip that was covered by the tape.

Ikea frame back view

Finish to close the package. Install the wire for hanging.

Place the "package" in the frame. Fold the small tabs to the bottom ... You're done, your portrait is ready to hang!

IKEA frame finished RIBBA