The charm of old images is that they have been the silent witnesses of past history.

This may be a handmade by an artist portrait of grandfather, or old family photos found in a attic, old papers preserved by chance and pious images from prayer book of your grandmother ...

All this will bring just a little nostalgia to your scrapbooking pages : it's the HERITAGE STYLE...

These relics of the past are in charge of emotions and bring back to us to our own experiences : isn't the Family History, and particularly ours, an eternal starting again ?


Les différents styles

So many reasons to collect these memories in our devoted to past pages, and these pages, depending on the nature of the materials used, will be called "VINTAGE", "HERITAGE" or "SHABBY CHIC"

heritage Style

Vintage 02

An heritage page is elaborated around photos of people, places, objects or events from before 1950. They are usually B & W or sepia (for the oldest) photos . The embellishments, papers, handwritings must be chosen in harmony with the time of the photo.

Vintage style

This style uses the same techniques as for heritage style but with more recent photos. This style uses the same techniques as for the heritage style but with more recent photographs. It is perfectly possible to have color pictures... and these photos will be aged to have a old look !


The Shabby Chic style

It is the art of olding new objects , still in a vintage spirit!

Province of Amur

Marriages, births, communions and deaths put rhythm into our life. Several tens of years later, the photographs are the dumb witnesses of that and carry a load of melancholy which we seek more particularly.


The pages HERITAGE will then dedicated to the memory of our ancestors, our grandfathers, grandmothers, great-grandfathers etc. ... And won't our pages of today be the HERITAGE pages of our children?


 What can be put in a heritage page ? 

Anything that can affect the memory of the period or characters on the page.

For example, for a page dedicated to a warrior of the First great World War the First World War : B&W pictures, military mentions, medals, ribbons of the past time, historical photos, a map of operations, an uniform button...

Do not hesitate to search for it in the attics of your grandmothers ... their trunks contain unsuspected treasures! 

What should I specifically look for?

- Photographs of age: births, weddings, communions, banquets, travels, military documentation, family gatherings ...

- Old personal documents: diplomas, certificates, identity cards, school reports ...

- Old pictures: Old publicity materials, religious images from a mass book or old Russian loans ...

- Excerpts from newspapers of the period, if possible with reference to the characters present on the page: test scores, street injury, appointments ...

- The old lace, old ribbons, fabric flowers...

- Birth Medals, bracelets, coins ...


 Some advices

Usually, the photographs of this old time are from XXe century beginning as well as the documents which accompany them (baptismal certificate, birth certificate, property, death certificate, examination diploma , religious images ...)

old couple

We recommend you never put the originals in the composition of your scrapbooking heritage pages. Make copies or scan them to then print them . It will then be necessary for you to deteriorate and age these documents for better doing them “to be true” with the style of your page (see technical ageing).



The old personal documents: stocks, certificates and diplomas are most of the time too large to be put on our 30x30 standard pages ... Scan these documents, reduce and print them out satin paper which you will age then.

F. Dhermy by "scrapbooking heritage" P Decaudin

In the VINTAGE albums , do not use too much variety of colors, their use is too "modern".  The tones that are usually found are warm pastels and slightly past: sepia, brown variations , burnt sienna, dark green and gold.


How to arrange your page?

Old photos often have zig-zag edges ... You can then cut them with special scissors (deckle scissors) or add photo corners, very vintage (it was very with the mode in 1950's). The old photographs often have zigzag edges… You will be able thus to cut out them with a specialized scissors (deckle scissors ) or to add photograph corners to them, very past time look ().

 For aging photocopies or scans of your old photos, you can use color filters (sepia or beige) in your image processing software . Then print them on a satin paper , trim the edges with deckle scissors (TOGA box scissors for example).

Ink then the edges improperly ... Scratch the photos with fine or coarse sandpaper according to the desired effect. The sepia tone of the above picture was created by superimposing the original scan image on a solid sepia colored one and then playing with the transparency of this image.

The metallic embellishments such as jewelry, little keys, old coins and medals (birth and communion) provide additional character to your page.

Vintage 11

In the realization of HERITAGE scrapbooking pages , we use generally rounded shapes, worn, aged, round pellets , very soft pastel-colored flowers , rounded and aged rectangular labels .

You will certainly find in the attics of old laces and old tissues ... Use them without problem : pieces of bridal veil, dress ribbons, decorations of old hats, metal parts of old underwear and panties ...

The old stamps, peeled or on their postcards or envelopes are desired and bring a touch of authenticity, especially if they correspond to the time of the page.



It is an extremely important element in building a Vintage page. The journaling puts in scene the characters present on the page, especially if your page is dated and if the date is confirmed by the different elements that you have added.

You will write the journaling on old envelopes, labels ... Come see the olded labels on the site aged scrap-d-elhen ...

You can find on the web fonts tailored to your heritage page: FONTRIVER or CREAMUNDO


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