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How to make such a portrait?

On this page of the website, you will be able to find all the advices and indications to make these unfinished portraits yourself...

A good photo, a little photoshop... and you can get a result halfway between photo and drawing. The step-by-step approach is very detailed and should not cause you too many problems...


Portrait inachevé enfant

 Of course, you must first know a little PHOTOSHOP or another image processing software (PhotoFiltre, The Gimp...). Then, it is better to have a graphic tablet, especially for the coloring part... And to finish, a little training...

On this subject, you will find HERE some advices on how to buy a graphic tablet... Prices range from 40$ to 1000$ and more... If you are not a professional graphic designer, the simplest model will be the best! Just make sure you get a tablet with a passive pen, more pleasant to use than a battery-powered pen!

But not everyone is familiar with Photoshop and, if you still want to have at home or offer such a portrait, I can make it for you, at a very low cost.


moitiéphoto moitié dessin enfant+chevalet


Of course, it's not the same technique: the drawing is done by freehand and the colors applied with an electronic brush. The result is better and very original.


All you have to do is to send me a good, expressive front photo of the person to draw and you will very quickly receive your "unfinished" drawing (but finished!) as a jpeg file...

And it will only cost you $20.

You can reach me by email or by phone at =+33 662667842

Here is an example of what you will receive...


moitie photo moitié dessin


All you have to do is print it as a poster... or even better, and more original, have it transferred to a canvas frame by a specialized company.

The competition has brought prices down a lot and 60x40 canvases are easily available for less than $25. Look at (less than $10 at the time of writing...) or Just look on google to get the proposals !

The result is always impeccable, which makes it an appreciated and valued birthday or wedding gift.


The steps to "Unfinished" a portrait! ou Tel :+33 662667842