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ScrapBook Page Maps
Becky Fleck

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By referring to the sketches in the book, readers can select photos, papers and embellishments and then bring the page together quickly and easily.

Helpful resource information such as a supply list and photo sizes are included on each card, along with page information cross-referencing the sketch back to the book. Scrapbook Page Maps is the essential book for beginning scrapbookers as well as those short on time. 

Get It Scrapped !
Debbie Hodge

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Getting organized, whether it's organizing the photos or supplies, is half the battle to getting started for most scrapbookers.

Get it Scrapped addresses organizing photos in a clear, methodical way that's easy to understand and then analyzing the photos to determine a plan of action for creating layouts.


Internet abounds with good addresses which are proving to be true gold mines for Scrapbook-women looking for new or simply run out of inspiration.

But many interesting sites are in English ... what constitutes a handicap for many of us! Ah, if I had worked more at school!

So here are some sites ... in French ... or English and which will certainly be useful! This list is not complete : if you have any other "good addresses", send me a mail, they will be published on this page

How to design your pages

1 - Templates of all sizes!

Running out of ideas for your pages, you are not sure how to lay out your picture ... then no hesitation, go for a ride on

pagemapsAnd this is not only theoretical! For each proposed "page map" is shown a picture of its practical realization . For those who do not always speak in terms of page!

Labels, half pages, 8.5 x11, round pages, cards, envelopes: everything you can find there!

In the same vein, do not leave without visiting ScrapMaps which also offers many sketches and templates for building your pages. Only downside: there are no concrete achievements to illustrate each of the proposed plans ... It's not too embarrassing!


 For your Titles and Journaling

2 - All quotations around the world!

eveneIt is an extraordinary site that collects proverbs, quotations and other reflections from the wisdom!You will find, besides the quote of the day, a search engine by topic. Ideal for your titles and journaling!

My favorite quote:

The waves are nothing when you see the ocean !

(Each word in the quotation refers you to related topics).

3 - Hundreds of headers!

ScrapbookerieA header is a catchy title placed on top of a page that announces the theme of the page.

 If you're stuck for inspiration for your titles, you will find everything that you lack in the "virtual training" of the Scrapbookerie.

The site is a "commercial" Canadian one full of literature and ideas.

4- 1001 free fonts!

free fontsNow when I want a special font, I think first 1001 free fontsprior to pick on other sites (Dafont, Urbanfonts ... see page Journaling.

bamBesides the impressive number of fonts, their classification is the most logical and most effective.

I love the police BADABOOM who made headlines so effective!

The embellishments

5 - The Digital Scrapbooking gold mine!

scrapbookflairIt is an English language site (unfortunately for someones...). But the richness of the contents catches up with without problem the relative difficulty of access.

This is the scrapbooking site of a real community that thinks, lives and sleeps scrapbooking. Everything is shared : ideas, freebies and achievements in groups containing 1 to 900 members. This shows the vitality of this "congregation" that shares on the Internet.

Firstly, the site distributes its free digital scrapbooking software (yes, of course, not with this type of software that work digiscrap-women... what ? some...?) but it is so good to start.

Then, their Download page gives you access to "reserve" ... the gold mine!Hundreds of Templates ie models pages, EMBELLISHMENTS as if it rained in, classified by themes ... Of course, it is directed dital Scrapbooking but we learn lots of things!


6 - A department store of scrapbooking.

ebayWe do not always think about but there is a considerable stock of embellishments and scrapbooking materials ... All at incredible rates, which depend on the auction-but remain in all cases very reasonable.

Do not expect, of course, find the latest fashion kit from Basic Grays or any new stickers seen on the internet shopping ... No, there would be rather classic ... though sometimes ..

Log on ebay, type scrapbooking and click search ... you are in a department store where misplaced worse alongside the best ... No seller to advise you, for you to see you there!

priceIn the same vein, consider alsoPriceMinister where you can make good business.

Vintage images


7 - Very old pictures heritage and vintage style.

There are not well known U.S. sites which are proving to be full of old pictures: photos and other old pictures. Here are some where you should find your happiness!

Vintage ad browser

Enormous ! More than 100,000 advertizing vintages images on line for free! Rush on VintageAdBrowse and make your choice... a very important stock full of images... Those are classified by categories. You will also find links to other "VINTAGE" sites .



The site Hillstock Collection is extensive! Besides the thousands of color or black and white heritage images in it, you can click on the dozen links that lead you to other similar sites.


It spends a lot of time without boring ! It's very pleasant.

8 - Very old newspapers.

gallicaDo not forget to explore the site of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France.

You'll find a dozen of digitized newspaper titles, some ones from the beginning of the XX century. Heritage effect is guaranteed!

Click on any of these pages to see the Ouest-Eclair edition of February 14, 1922!


old journal1 vieuxjournal


9 - A Siver mine (gold?) of old postcards!

Very old postcards on the site

Delcampe.netIn fact, this site is a site selling postcards from the owners ... but the collection is particularly interesting: just type the name of the place (or name of the subject you seek) you want in the search engine ... forhundreds of proposals are you doing!

There is no tag on the cards ... so you can copy them for printing or integrate them to a page on digital Scrapbooking lay out!

I can not resist the pleasure to show you a map of the village where I was born ... the little girl in the bottom right ... it's my grandmother!

Now, the houses have changed and I've painted them… SEE HERE...


Malestroit square Bouffay

Good scrap!