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How long do you scrap ?

Since 2001 .. I am completely self-taught ... I have first extensively traveled over the web, then came the magazines, and books ...

What do you prefer to Scrap?

I like to diversify and try new things, therefore, mini-albums, canvas pages, transparencies, books, cards, mail-art, recycling etc ... everything is a pretext to invent ...

What are your favorite colors?

I do not really have a favourite color, but say that the recurring one would be turquoise - By cons, with the scrap I learned to love pink color that I did not like either in clothing or in the decor. .. It matches beautifully with chocolate, black, violet, anise, gray .....

What brings you scrap?

NO DESIRE, NO STRESS! It is a real escape for me, there is no more force, when I scrapbook, I am only in scrapbooking! Then, it is an extraordinary medium of exchange, combined with the Net of course, relationships between Scrappers are very friendly.



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Making of a mini-album envelopes

Here is the mini-album envelopes that I propose you to do :



Pick six envelopes. Then prepare the accordion which will be the structure of the album.To do this, take a large sheet of paper (200/220 g).


The envelopes here are 16.2 cm high X 11.5 cm broad. Thus the band for the accordion measures: 48.5 cm X 17 cm (4x11,5 + 5x0,5)

If you are taking envelopes with a different size, of course, you change the measurements: let 5 mm around each envelope, creases and draw with a stylus.

The accordion is ready for 6 envelopes: 4 on one side and 2 on the other side if you stick within the middle fold .




But you can also choose to put 4 envelopes on the front and 4 on the BACK...

Consider decorating the closure of self-adhesive envelope is prettier, then decorate each envelope according to the theme.


It's time to use your remnants and scraps of paper, your stamps, stickers and all your small decos which you never use before.... you'll be amazed that they can be placed with happiness !

To use your rubber stamps inside the envelope, open it gently, and when the work is achieved, stick it (think double coated tape).

You can also create your own envelopes by choosing a reversible paper (printed on each side), or you can put chalk on the white side.


Beware when using glue, especially with the tracing paper that easily can buckle.

I highly recommend the double-coated tape, in large sheets, very practice and makes perfect work!

You can also put cards into the envelopes : they will serve as mattage for photos and journaling.

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