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The Scrapbook Embellishment Handbook
Sherry Steveson Sherry

The book is divided into sections based on embellishment types so it's a total reference you can turn to when you are looking for specific ideas for what you are creating with.


Each section is subdivided so you can try a new technique or idea when you want to simply create, kick it up a notch or if you are looking for something out of the box.

My opinion : the best one about scrap embellishments.



The author

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How long do you scrap ?

I discovered digital scrapbooking in August 2006, I immediately hung up and I ignored all my other creative activities!

I first created pages with downloaded kits , then my temper pushing me more towards the creation of all elements, I realized a lot of kits that I have put freely available on a Scrapper Blog (currently no longer available).

I enjoyed! I really feel like you have found the activity par excellence, combining my love of computers, the creation, the photographs. But I could not help buying some traditional scrap equipment, saying: should test everything :) I was "cooked", "poisoned", immediately addict,! In September 2006 I created my first mini album and since, scrap took as well importance in my life as I made a trade of it! I created in January of this year my paper scrapbooking trade mark , ONIRIE, and my shop on the Internet: I'm now on my third collection : "Orange Caribbean" after "White Magic" and "Hummingbird Fairy". I also made 3 transparent stampin'pads : one about butterflies and Doodling, an other with Manga inspired patterns , and very recently one with entirely hand-drawn patterns : "Baroque love". I enjoy, I love the creative process of the papers, I love receiving them from the printer's, I love seeing the pages made by scrappers with them !

What do you prefer to Scrap ?

I love above all the traditional pages, size 30 by 30. I found room for everything I love : stamping, embellishments, lots of flowers, chipboards... I like to leave an empty space on my page, to match the colors of my embellishments with my papers and my photos... I love inking, aging, using old pages of old books, laces... I am not a fan of too graphic scrapbooking , my scrap must be an outlet for a romantic temperament I do not see the rest of my life : I love the "cozy" little details, circle the picture of my little girl with flowers, buttons...

What are your favorite colors ?

Ouhla! We can not talk about favorite colors, I love them all. As long as it is beautifully arranged and matched! I would say that for my page backgrounds, I like soft pinks, beiges, gray ... Allowing many fancy with embellishments and flowers. Currently I am in a blue and beige period, which is featured on the papers of my collection "Orange Caribbean". But for my clothes, for example, nothing beats the black)

What brings you scrap ?

An intense satisfaction, a discharge system with my stress, pleasure of forgetting me by "patouillant" painting, sandpapering paper… And many, many new friends met on the internet forums and in real life! The scrap also opened a career path for me that I am proud to have taken, even if I continue working my first "food-job" as well I must pay for my home. The scrap has fulfilled part of my life that I did not know so empty! And that will make so beautiful memories for my daughter Jade, who was 3 ½ years! She likes to see herself on my pages, and she love to have one's picture taken! She often pinch my place in the scraproom, grabs my scissors and cut my paper off cuts saying she is proud to do scrapbooking like mom!


 Equipment and supplies

Materials needed:

- 1 piece of faux leather (available in creative hobbies and leasures stores ), also called "créamousse"

- 1 embossing gun (note : the use of hair dryer is not recommended. It blows too strong compared to an embossing gun)

- 1 stamp, to your choice : clear stamp, rubber stamp, whatever - Optional: ink (versafine, distress, etc...) to accentuate the pattern, but you can do without, the effect will be different


I will use here a "little bird" stamp from Brigitte (



If you want your ink the pattern, first put ink on your stamp.


Then, heat one side of the piece of faux leather.



Once the corners are starting to lift up, turn it on and heat the second side


Once all the surface is very hot, drop it quickly and strongly support your stamp on it!


After a few seconds you can remove your stamp and admire the result :) !



You have now to choice : cutting your pattern leaving a small edge, or cutting a rectangle to make a larger embellishment if you want ! Enjoy !





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