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To day, it's a famous French magazine: VOICI, we're En tete voicigoing to imitate! 

Originally, this page was intended for French visitors of the site... This explains the choice of VOICI magazine... 

If you prefer an US MAG see the special page : MAKE A FAKE MAGAZINE PEOPLE COVER.

And if you want to become an international star... it's time to appear on the covers of magazines across the Atlantic! 

Anyway... even if you do not acquire any fame you deserve, you can always slip this fake magazine cover in your favorite scrapbooking album... or give it to someone in your family. 

There are many sites where you can create a custom fake magazine cover... But they are never as beautiful as those you make yourself... 

So let's get to work with Photoshop or other image processing software (PSP, Gimp, PhotoFiltre...)

Analysis of a magazine...

We chose to mimic the magazine VOICI with its catchy attract cover in the news-stands... The analysis we do is easily transferable to another magazine you like.

The question is : how do we recognize the VOICI's cover first glance?

First, the white logo on a red background... of important dimensions and perfectly visible.

Then, the arrangement of the images : usually 4 pictures on a white background (some of these photos have cuttings that interfere with the others).

Couverture de Voici
(click for +)

The Titles, often tilted and written with very simple fonts of characters, using bright colors: red, yellow, white... and some typical words like "exclusive", "last", "always"...

All this contributes to fix in our minds the image of VOICI and we immediately identify this magazine among others in the same news-stand.

The plan of photo lay out

Depending on what we have analyzed, it is now easy to draw freehand a story board of our fake :

Plan du montage pour VOICI

So we must prepare:

4 Photos with a cutting
4 captions (légendes)
1 Barcode

The false LOGO VOICI

The logo measures 11cm on 6cm. With Photoshop, create a new image, transparent background 20cmx15cm... just to have enough room to work.

Create a selection of 11x6 size that you fill with red paint. Call this first layer "red background"

With the text tool, font "Arial Black",white color and a 150pts size , type "Voici". Select the text.

Reveal the character window (Window> Character) Click the top right menu and select False bold and false italics.

Création du Logo
(click for +)

With the text tool, now select the letter "V" following and pass it by 200pts. Perform then Ctrl + T " and pull up the handle in the top-middle to "stretch" the text until the V reach the top edge red.

Rasterize the text layer. With the selection tool, select and remove a small piece of the branch of the "V". With the magic wand, select the "V" and move it to close "oici".

Now select the layer called "red background". Select it by Ctrl + "T" and, while holding down the Ctrl key, deform by acting on the upper right handle . It's over. Save as .png picture.

Logo Voici Fini

In order to avoid a copyright problem, I preferred to use a different font, and as a safety measure, I added "FAUX" (fake) on the upper part of the "V".

The Pop button

No special problem... the pop is a circular selection of 3cm in diameter filled with neon yellow...

Create a new layer where you type a first black text with a serif font (Times New Roman) : "NUMERO" and "BARATIN"... And an another layer in which you type 100%. Resize the font size to be bigger than the other texts.

Whenever you want, rasterize the text and merge them. A small rotation of 10 °. Save the image as .png

Pop baratin

The assembly of the front page

You've sorted your photos and selected 4 of them who will figure prominently in your magazine cover... It is time for assembly.

Start by creating a white A4 page in photoshop (21x29, 7)... Drag your first photo on this page and place it in the top to the right.

Create your "HARD HITTING" titles (Times New Roman Italic and-white-yellow Arial Black Italic). Rasterize the text layers and merge... Then perform a rotation of 10 °.

Drag now the logo "VOICI" so that it partially covers the picture1.

Photo1 couverture voici

Now drag the photo 2... Ctrl + "T" to adjust its size to with the handles. Then create the caption and install the yellow POP to straddling on the two images.

Photo2 de la une de voici

It is time to install your 3rd photo down at left... and you we will finish with the bottom right photo which deserves a little extra processing...

Photo 3 une de voici

The designers of VOICI magazine like cuttings and often they do superimposed photos... Why do we deny?

The left side of the last photo will be cut by using Photoshop Tool pen (see How to outline an object with the photoshop pen tool).

And then you apply to the result a white contour before finishing with the texts :

Photo4 une de voici

Your page is finished... It'll just print it at 21x29,7!