PassePartout Framing

How to make the passepartout


After cutting the bottom cardboard, we arrive at the second operation: making of the passe-partout.

This will allow a pleasant transition between the work itself and the setting. You will make it in cardboard (thin cardboard) or directly buy matboard, which avoids dressing the mat.... The true framer uses thin cardboard and after cutting it to dimensions, glues overit a decorative paper (dreesing the passepartout)

Cut the shape of the passe-partout...

Using the bottom cardboard (see that page) that you will use as a template, draw and cut a rectangle to the exact dimensions of this bottom cardboard.... Repérez un angle droit du backing


Draw the window of passe-partout

Report the dimensions of the opening to be made in the passe-partout. Work on the wrong side and report the opening with a pencil and a ruler... Or use the drypoint compass and slide it to the side to slightly mark the line.


Open the image window in the passe-partout

Now use the heavy ruler and cutter to open the opening of passepartout. Do not attempt the cut in a single pass : pass the cutter several times until you cross the cartoline.

Pay particular attention to the angles, which must be sharp!

When the 4 cuts are made, remove the central part....


Dressing of the passe-partout...

. You will now "dress" the white cardboard of the passe-partout with a decorative paper that you will choose in harmony with the art you frame...

In a painting, or a watercolour, there is a dominant color and colors of lesser importance: you will choose the decorative paper in these last colors.

Gluing before dressing

Start by gluing the area of the passe-partout with the brush. Spread the vinyl glue well but do not overspread it. No need to soak the cartoline.


Binding the decor paper

Then glue the passepartout over the decor paper and wrap it with the flat of your hand to avoid creases. Work cleanly because this part will be visible in the frame....


opening windows

When the glue is dry, cut the central part of the window with a cutter...


45° cutting of angles....

Place a 45° angle on one of the inner corners and cut out this angle with a cutter.

Repeat the same operation for the 4 corners.


Gluing the passepartout wrong side

With the brush, glue the inner edges of the opening...


Then fold the paper strips inwards and glue them to the passepartout


Achieving the passe-partout.

Now cut out the decorative paper that protrudes all around the passe-partout with the cutter and leaning on the edges........


You have finished the passe-partout !!!