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How long do you scrap?
Since 2005, when I started making the birth of my nephew photo album .
What do you prefer to Scrap?   
I love learning new techniques, touch everything, create as many 30x30cm pages as Mini-albums, or ATC.
What are your favorite colors?
I do not have favorite colors, but color combinations : pink fuchsia and green anise, chocolate and turquoise, orange and green apple, etc. ...
What brings you scrap?
Firstly, scrapbooking helps me get into my world and forget all my worries, it's really a bubble of relaxation, Zen.
Then there is a way to highlight my memories for later hand down to my children.
It is also a way to make unique and original gifts for my family and friends.
It is finally a great community of sharing and exchange, which allowed me to meet precious friends!

The scrap of Pimousse44


Tutorial make your own trading cards !


Supplies needed to make the card

Here is the list of the used equipment :

Papers: Bazzill, watercolor paper.

Prima Marketing flowers, brads to secure them.

Stamps: Scrappy Cat Stampin'Up.

Inks: Ink painting Aladine, Archival Ink Jet Black, Versamark, cubic VersaColor.

Transparent Embossing Powder .

oval scalloped punch .

Hobbyfun adhesive tape.


Making the mat

Cut a 15X30cm rectangle in the Bazzill paper, fold it in half to make a square 15x15cm, this will support this card.

Cut a 14x14cm square in the paper for watercolor : it is the background of the card.

Stamp a pattern (here a floral theme ) with Versamark on the whole square, remembering to go beyond the edges.


Pour embossing powder on the patterns , remove excess and heat with an embossing gun.


Put a drop of painting Aladine ink in a little of water to dilute it.


Using a brush, paint the background card in a summary way, to avoid a too regular background. Let dry, or dry with an embossing gun for impatient persons...


Draw the outline of the paper with the same ink used for the card background.

The background is completed, Let's now take care of the decoration of the card.


Card decoration

Stamp the bouquet pattern on a piece of watercolor paper with Archival Ink (resistant to water), cut to the right size.
Color the flowers with a brush or felt.
Draw the outline of the paper with the ink used for the card background.
Paste it on a piece of Bazzill paper the same color as the card holder.


Stamp the text on another piece of watercolor paper, with Archival ink.
Cut it with the puncher and ink the edges with the same ink previously used for the card background.


Going to the assembly of the card .

Paste the card background on the Bazzill support, glue the ribbon to the bottom third of the card base.
Add the bouquet pattern, decorated with Prima flowers maintained by brads.
Attach a paper flower on the text using a brad, and paste all over the card with a double-sided foam to give volume.


This is a pretty card produced in less than half an hour!




1,000 Artist Trading Cards
Patricia Bolton (Author) 


This book is a great resource for any teacher, parent, club leader... The directions are clear and understandable. Many of the products necessary for any project is readily available and many of us use them in the home... A very good way to ATC !