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Order your fake magazine cover!

As a gift: wedding, anniversary parties,
a customized fake magazine cover...
With your titles, captions and photos!

You are looking for an original gift idea for a friend, a party, a retirement, a wedding... You are making a photo album of your travels or events of the past year and you are looking for an idea for the cover?

Then offer a fake magazine cover !!! To see yourself on the front page of PEOPLE or CLOSER: a dream that you will be able to realize easily and cheaply (the page will cost you 25$ or less!)!

This is an always appreciated gift that you can print yourself in the magazine format, or in the photo format (10x13) that you distribute to the people present or, better still, have it printed on canvas (in 30x40 for example for less than 10$!).

Contact : +33 6 62 66 78 42 or email :

Which magazines can be imitated?

It's simple! Any magazine!

You have the choice between all the magazines you like...

Generally, customers appreciate more those with several photos on the cover (usually 4, 5 or 6): some magazines like PEOPLE, CLOSER... Others are sometimes requested but don't have a "front page" varied enough to "tell a story" (only 1 photo + captions)

Of course it is PEOPLE which is most often ordered, followed closely by US Weekly, Vanity Fair and National Enquirer... But you can choose any magazine you like... Anything is possible!

How to proceed?

You start by choosing the magazine you wish to obtain: PEOPLE, VANITY FAIR, CLOSER ... or any other title...

You select your photos and write your captions...
Your photos may be processed and enlarged to be easily placed in Fake People or any other magazine...

Then you send them to me by mail at

Cropping and layout of the photos

You will be able to choose the date of publication of your magazine... usually on the day of the party or the birthday....

Setting up the texts and formatting...

The texts you have planned are then formatted and arranged in the manner of the title you want to imitate...

The reception of your fake magazine...

The deadlines are very short... because, in general, you are in a hurry... This can be "last minute" sometimes !!! Most of the time, the work is done in 24 or 48 hours...

You then receive the fake magazine cover by e-mail as a jpeg or pdf file (at your convenience). We adapt the size of the fake one according to what you want to do with it: 10x13 for small photos, 40x30 for a print on canvas or A4 format.

So you print the work at your convenience.

As for the price... it's 25$ for 1 cover page... No way to ruin yourself!

For more speed, you will be able to pay using PAYPAL.

If you want more information, please do not hesitate to contact me :

- by Tel or SMS at +33 662667842, I would be very happy to answer you (if you can tolerate my bad, very bad english).

- You can touch me at


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This page may content commercial links given as examples