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Needle-Felting Magic :
Margo Duke (Author)

Easy Machine Techniques and Projects

Needle felting magic

Take the traditional craft of needle felting and turn it into an adventure on your sewing machine ! A best of !



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> How long do you scrap?

Since September 2004 during my first pregnancy. I wanted to leave a trace of our live for the following generations. I discovered scrapbooking by chance, and I hung up immediately

> What do you prefer to Scrap?  

I try everything ! All techniques, new products, materials. even after 4 years, I'm never turning around with scrapbooking, it is always renewed!

I like to make pages, but also mini albums, the decor, cards ...

I love to trade with friends, and to organize scrapbooking meetings.

> What are your favorite colors?  

Pink ! It's better with 2 daughters ! I also like the turquoise, green anise, black.

I find it hard to scrap the "green tree" except for Christmas themes.

> What brings you scrap?

 Relaxation, escape, happiness. And thanks to the scrap I've got special friends!

I created an association in 90, and we try to make scrap available to all, and to develop it in eastern France


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Material needed :

  • 3 different colors felt sheets.
  • a needle with a big eye and some thick wire
  • thin ribbon, beads, pearls etc. ...
  • Fimo buttons, pins, needles ...

Cut the felt!

Cut 3 rectangles in your Felt sheets:

a rectangle of 22.5 x 15cm
another 23.5 x 15 cm
and The cover of 25.5 x 17cm




Sew the edges of each rectangle by changing point: straight stitch, zigzag, scalloped, etc. ... change the thread forever stand out from the baize

Make holes with "crop a dile " to 2cm from the edge in the middle of the length of the smallest felt. Then you put it on the larger rectangle to mark the hole to be made. Ditto for the cover.


Decorate your pages!

You will realize that to bind the pages, you have to overlap the rectangles from largest to smallest, and pass the ribbon tape in the holes.

Do not connect now, you'll have an easier way to decorate your pages, but scrap in thinking of the pages which will be in opposite.

August 19


Deco ideas:

Make flowers, hearts, stars, felt fishes, sew the edges to make them stand out, then paste. You can make sewing (doodling, flowers ..) directly on the felt.

Glue rhinestones, stamp with the Stazon (be careful there is nothing behind to be able to support). Write a word on a pîece of felt, sew the edges and paste it inside or cover for a title.

Glue Prima flowers, transparent labels, self-adhesive felt from "queen and co"... Inlaid with real coral pearls in your sewing. Intercalate a transparent sheet from an overhead projector in the middle of your album

Glue or sew some ribbons.

Build your mini felt album

Once all pages are scrapped, you can connect them :

- By dragging a ribbon or thick wire through the holes. You can put beads and pearls on the ribbon.

- Or by sewing the 3 rectangles of felt with a thread same color than the cover and so, the binding will not be visible.

You can make a closure, such as sewing a ribbon on the back cover, and linking it with a button on the front, or by tying 2 ribbons, or with magnets ...



The step of sewing is very long, but it is what makes the charm of your album ... so do not skimp on the wire!


I hope you will take as much pleasure as myself to do it!

Here are some pictures of another felt mini:

feutrine1  feutrine7


You can find other mini albums examples on my blog:

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