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Home Book of Picture
by Ken Oberreicht

One of the best ! I think ! Over 40,000 copies of the first edition sold : it cannot be an error !

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Frame It! (Paperback)
Tonia Davenport

Frame it
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Customers review are the better test for the book!


And the best framing handbook is, in my opinion :

Mat, mount and frame it yourself
David Logan

Logan mat mount and frame

Logan does a great job of explaining everything and supplements the text with attractive photos, which will be a helpful resource for beginners to copy.

There is something here for framers of all skill levels. Recommended for most public library collections.


Very often, the freshly purchased posters framed woman poster are quickly fixed to the wall using 4 pins or Patafix balls .

The first days, everything goes well ... but soon the poster relaxes, yawn and yawn more and finally miserably hang against the wall.

How to remedy this situation and especially how to give your poster the place they deserve and give them an undeniable decorative value.


A first low cost solution of poster hanger!

In 20x10mm wood strip , 16x30mm rectangular section or in half-round 15mm , cut two pieces whose length matches the width of your poster.

You can use these strips as is, or rather give them a fine sandpapering and apply two coats of satin acrylic paint (choose a color not found in the dominant poster ...).


how to hang a poster


poster hangersThread two small one eye peaks on the upper strut and pins your poster on the strut back ... hang on two thin spikes driven into the wall ... or even stretch a thin string between two peaks. The weight of the bottom strut will keep your poster well tight and so it not yawn more.

If you do not want to fiddle by yourself this kind of suspension, you can find it ready made HERE (sorry, I did not find a retailer in France) under the name "agraffes pour posters". This is more expensive ... but it is perfect!


 In USA, you can find a lot of very affordable models of poster hangers in AMAZON store from this one (size = 27" price < $6).

Poster Hanger Amazon   Poster rail hanger

to this Wall Hanging Rail Set (size = 48"... price < $23).

Click to see all poster hangers

Buying a poster frame

A clarification to start : the glasses called "anti-glare" are to permanently ban (except in somes cases) ! Indeed, their benefits do not outweigh their big disadvantages : they are not totally trasparent and give to the art a slightly blurred seeing. In addition they are very expensive to purchase.

There are two models, one with clips and one with moldings.

In a clip frame the poster is "sandwiched" between the protective glass plate and the backing : it will not deform.

Many specialize in selling frames for posters websites are available on the Internet. Here is one that seems interesting in USA : For a poster measuring 60x90 prices range between €16 and €60 (depending on the quality). One criticism,browsing their site is a bit complicated : especially to see the prices !

In a poster frame with moldings, the poster is Poster frameput on the backing and and the pack is placed into the molding frame. The advantage is that you can match the colors of the  rods to your interior colors.

Many models (colors, sizes, matters...) available at for very affordable prices...

Like from this Elite poster frame (24"x36" for less than $10 !) to this superb Black poster frame (27"x40 for less than $40)

Remember also department stores and their frames departments : such GIFI, FOIRFOUILLE ... and supermarkets GEANT CASINO, LECLERC ... they often have a frame department where you can find your happiness to a very cheap price.

Sticking on a rigid plate

If you do not want to invest in a framework, there is another very low cost solution. To prevent your poster from being deformed, I suggest you to stick it on a rigid plate out of cardboard or thin plywood.

The cardboard is still more elegant, especially if you use foamboard (Carton plume) which consists of a layer of expanded foam sandwiched between two thin cardboard plates. This board (white or black core) is very lightweight and easily cut : you found it in plates of 50x65 or 100x140 with a thickness of 3 mm (also in black, 50x65 5mm) in the creative leisure stores.

For the joining of the poster on the backing board (block mounting), avoid water-based glues Spray Adhesif which would soften it and cause deformations Instead of, use repositionable glue spray, thus in case of problems you can remove and stick again the poster.

Spray without excess adhesive on the backing, then present the poster at the top and gradually join in driving bubbles from the center to the sides with a clean "Sopalin"...

When you're done, stick to the back of your card, foamboard clip metal hanger an self-adhesive attach or better use a special foamboard attachment : foam board clip metal hangers. These hangers are easily pushed through the foamboard face paper on the back side and into the Styrofoam core... and offer a great resistance

This technique works fine for posters or similar items that have been mounted on foamboard ("foamcore board") but are not framed.

Make your frame by yourself!

As long as you're an handyman and that you have some hardware, you can certainly build your own clip poster frame.

The work involved is strictly identical, larger, given the dimensions of post-work already described on this site. I reiterate the main lines.

You need a hard bottom out of thin plywood(6mm) or more fiber (wood or foam) from 3 to 5mm thick. Usually, this board will be the same size as the poster you're framing. If you do not want a glass cover , paste the poster on this board.

poster mounting plan

Then you will cut into another cardboard (thin cardboard) a mat of the same size. In this mat, you open with a cutter the "image window" to determine the visible part of your poster.

Then cut a glass still with the same size, and make the "package" by taping a brown gummed tape on the edges, to solidarize all the elements (see page make the package ).

It'll just cut to a moulding by going with your package in a framing store and choose a framing moulding (prefer a thin one for a poster )

You can also make yourself your frame moulding and assemble your frame : the floater or floating frames (that we call American cases) 1 and 3 suit particularly well with the posters. In the latter case, you will set your "package" at the bottom of the box with double sided tape.


The picture framer store

This is a solution that is often considered too expensive ... New york framed but with always a quality of work.

In addition, the framer who lives near your home will give you good advises. There are others online, and who demonstrate seriousness and professionalism. Rates are fully accessible ...

The frame above comes, everything included and with the 50x40 poster below 68 € ... (Poster € 20, € 25 yellow frame, mat and glass € 5 + € 18 installation). All information:


Photographs sites

Just to not forget ... all these photos sites (SnapFish, Photoways...) print posters from your photos and can provide frames to mild price! See Photoways , poster + frame from 25€...