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The Complete Photo
Guide to Framing and
Displaying Artwork

by Vivian Carli Kistler


Framing and display
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The author provides inspiration and helpful examples to show people how to display their artwork using basic design principles in a manner that is easily grasped.

An Amazon best !

Home Book of Picture
by Ken Oberreicht

One of the best ! I think ! Over 40,000 copies of the first edition sold : it cannot be an error !

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This home Book of Picture Framing is the most comprehensive guide to mounting, matting, and framing oil paintings, watercolors, posters, photographs, calendar pages, and greeting cards without spending a fortune...

The first phrase : No do-it-yourself activity will save the homeowner or apartment dweller more money than the mounting, matting, and framing of artwork, photographs, posters, documents, and collectibles....

Frame It! (Paperback)
Tonia Davenport

Frame it
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Customers review are the better test for the book!

... The book is an extremely comprehensive guide for standard framing techniques, but what I really love are the more creative, non-standard techniques Tonia shows as well... (by Corey)

THE CLIP RAIL: The best way to layout your frames on the wall !

The eternal problem ... the holes!

clip rail and framesOn the page hanging on the wall, I presented this elegant system to lay out your pictures on the wall without constellate it with not decorative little holes: clip rail systems for displaying arts !

Indeed, the obsession of apartment tenants is to recover their full deposit at the lease end ... which is not always tasted by the owners often very regarding the status of their walls and looking about their good or bad conditions(do not you JJ!)

Many responses on this page lead me therefore to go further and show you a more complete page about this excellent way of presenting your artworks like museums and exhibition galleries ...

Very simple to implement, the clip rail can lay out a lot of frames or paintings without having to install every time, pin and hook in the wall. You leave the apartment? Leave the corners, almost invisible ... And if the following tenants also have pictures to hang, no doubt you will let them take your investment !

Note than this hanging system is perfect if you have hanging on drywalls or plasterboard ones : at the top of wall you find always a drywall stud on which you fix your clip rail very firmly.

The different clip rail systems

The clip rail for frames lay out is a fine angle positioned near or against the ceiling. His profile can affix rods with hooks for hanging paintings and frames.

There are different models that fit all situations:

• The classic J-rail.

This is the simplest ... and also the most efficient! It comes in the form of an angle "J" that binds the top of the wall by screws clamped. Depending on the weight of frames you want to hang, you can choose between the rail can withstand 20kg / m and more robust to 100kg / m.

classic Rail Jclassic clip Rail 100kg

On this angle just hang or aluminum rods fitted with hooks (the solution adopted by the picture galleries) or nylon thread still very discreet, also fitted with hooks.

hanging on the clip rail

All is "height and width" adjustable ... and, on the same stem (or nylon thread), you can install multiple frames at various heights. At any time, so you can quickly modify the exposure!

Different hooks for hanging pictures

Watch this short video that explains the installation:



Note a variant of picture rail ... snail-shaped ... more attractive since the angle of attachment is hidden by the shape of the rail. This variant is directly screwed to the ceiling ... in case of dismantling, the holes will be easier to reseal and hide. It's an interesting novelty in more ways.

snail shaped clip Rail

In terms of investment, allow ten euros per meter: this may seem expensive for a 4m wall ... but if you count the savings on the deposit at the end of lease ... and probably picked up by the next tenant ... you will save money easily!

Feel free also to compare prices ... which can greatly vary from one store to another. After comparing the potential supplier prices on the Internet, I recommend especially to you the "The Painter's Workshop" store which rates are very favorable prices now and have a particularly extensive offer and models. It can also be found on ebay ... immediate buying ... not necessarily with a really significant discount.

• The Top Rail System

Very small (1.4cmxO,8), this angle is directly screwed on the ceiling and remains particularly discreet.

 top clip rail detail    Top clip rail  detail diagram

Obviously, it is not possible to install the frames on the aluminum hooks and stems of the previous system ... You will have to choose between steel wires (very thin) or transparent nylon thread(Perlon).

Top clip  Rail

You'll also have the option of the hooking system on the rail: either "solid slider that glides to the end of the rail ... or the hook "Cobra" which is inserted at the request anywhere on the rail.

Top rail development

My opinion: the top rail system is very discreet (because of small size and also because it is screwed on the ceiling). It is well suited to modern interiors and also to classic ones.

And I think we have to prefer the "Cobra" head for its flexibility of use (no need to dismantle for adding or removing a wire).


• Click Rail System

It is still an aluminum wall rail which snaps onto the fasteners screwed on the wall. This system provides an excellent finish by using arrest tips and fittings angles ...

Click picture rail mounting rail

The implementation is very simple: you have the clip and bring it to stop on the ceiling ... mark the hole location ... screw fixing ... and click! You engage the rail (provide a clip every 40cm).

To get an idea of the dimensions: height is only 2.5 cm! Both say it is quite invisible at the top of the wall!


Click rail arrangement


If you want you can (yes !) paint the clip rail with the colors of your wall ... further facilitating its integration into your home.


The suspension systems are identical to those described in the Top Rail ... You have a choice between the "Cobra" head with nylon cable or steel (20kg cable) and the "slider" head .

It is a rail easy to install, easy to remove that no problem of integration into a modern or not. A good one.


How to buy a picture rail ...

Find close to your home an artists supply store for buying that picture rails is not obvious ... mostly, these stores have only a few items in stock and can not always provide you immediately what you are looking for ... Still visit them : this will allow you to see, touch and compare prices !

A good alternative : order at a specializing store on the Internet ...Beware of prices that are often given exc.

There are excellent e-stores that you will give you advices, price and quality. I think of the excellent "The Painter's Workshop"who distributes all supplies for artists, including picture rails.

Here is a link to download their pdf clip rail catalog. Moreover, they assert that "If you find a lower price, we will refund the difference ..." another reason to seek for the "lowest price" and save money!

As always, have a look on ebay or PriceMinister on which there are few comprehensive offerings: kits comprising rails, fasteners and wires. I had not time to try this type of buying : more than the price difference does not justify the risk level about the quality of the delivered goods!