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How long do you scrap?
For a long time without knowing it, because I decorated my album but I'm really leaning on scrapbooking since I retired in 2006.

What do you do in Scrap?   
I like everything : pages, albums, altered items, ATC mail art ... I also try all the styles, now I am very interested by mixed media and Clean & Simple style.

What are your favorite colors?
Everything depends on pictures, I do not really have a preference, I think I use all of them . By cons, while in my dress or in my home, I often use neutral or pastel colors, I realize that when I scrap, I search bright or flashy colors...

What brings you scrap?
It is my great occupation ! I always have an "afterthought" about scrap in my head... I can let my creativity express and implement all kinds of techniques that I used separately (collages, paintings, watercolors, embroidery, sewing...) by combining, to my greatest happiness...
The scrap also enabled me to have lots of friends through the forums where I step in; to pass on what I know what I know while animating workshops or through my blog and finally take a "business Vocational" becoming a demonstrator for an online shop (

Documentation about mail art

well documented sites :

The mail art of all kinds:

Addresses of blogs by artists from around the world: 20artistes.htm

A forum of mail art:


 Create a "Mail Art"


Definition: Mail Art also called Postal Art (or Posted Art ) is a form of art using elements of postal correspondence as well as the majority of the artistic disciplines.

This term covers all artistic creations traveling by post, with an address, a stamp and was postmarked.

Hardware and supplies

. 1 envelope
. Ink type "Distress" "
. Ink type "Stazon" "
. Ink type transparent Versamak "
. Rubber stamps
. Transparent Powder to emboss
. Small rectangles of cut-n-Dry
. A teflon carpet
. Mini spray
. An electric embossing gun


Making of


Step 1

Deposit traces of ink by rubbing stamp ink pads on the teflon carpet , without mixing them. Vaporize 2 or 3 pschitt of water above and rub the envelope on it with a fast movement while turning.



If the envelope is not sufficiently inked, just dry it with embossing and repeat the same maneuver. However, it is interesting to keep non-inked areas.


 Step 2

With the cut-n-dry, take "Distress" ink of a different color of those previously used, and ink the edges of the envelope in a rotating motion from the teflon carpet to the envelope.


By supporting more or less with the cut-n-dry, we obtain yields of different color effects. Tinting also any not inked "holes" on the envelope.

To soften the colors, sometimes too bright, I spent a very thin layer of white acrylic paint, applied with a plastic card. Let dry.



Step 3

Ink a cracked stamp with the "Stazon - always ink by tapping the ink on the stamp and not the reverse - and apply on the total surface of the envelope.


Affix also in three places (in a triangle) a writed stamp.


Finally, apply stamps doodling like to decorate a corner.


Step 4

Choose fancy rubber stamps - Here I used 2 butterflies - ink them with transparent ink and stamp on the envelope, cover with transparent embossing powder.


Heat with an embossing gun


Then, for emphasis them, just rub it around with a color of contrasting "Distress" ink.


And now, the envelope is complete. Be careful to always think about leaving a place for the address (write it with the hand directly on the enveloppe or on a label) and for tht postal stamp.

 Step 5

To complete your submission, you can attach a card you cut in card stock, tint it with the same colors of "Distress", and using the same stamps and the same techniques. Some peel-off finish the decor.


And now, it's over!


And the final result...

The mail art:                                                       


The card :






Some business links


One of the best
book about mail art

Good Mail Day
Jennie Hinchcliff

Good mail day

A Primer for Making Eye-Popping Postal Art.

Readers will learn to create decorated and illustrated envelopes, faux postage and artistamps, find penpals, make a mail art kit, and much more!


Snail Mail
Handmade Correspondence

I can't say enough about this book. It gives me all kinds of FEELS.


Always First Class
pleasure of
personal letters

This book would be a wonderful Christmas, birthday, or other present to give to somebody you love.

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