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This page to show you how to turn a photo in an artistic way to give it a semi-watercolor effect : very easy and fast to do with Photoshop...

You start from this picture taken in BURANO (VENICE) :


and that's what you get at the end of the work...


PART 1 Turn photo into a sketch

STEP1 Open the photo with Photoshop and duplicate the background layer by typing Ctrl+J or Layer>Duplicate Layer...

step1 duplicate

STEP2 - Turn this new layer in Black and White mode by typing Shift+CTRL+U or Image>Adjustments>Desaturate. Then duplicate again this new layer...

Step2 Black and white copy

STEP3 - In blending options, choose Color dodge.All become white ! It's normal !


step3 ColorDodge

STEP4 - In the upper menu, choose : Filter>Other>Minimum and validate.

Step4 filter other minimum


You get now the sketch... But you have to work a little more on this sketch to get it better...

STEP 5. Click now on the "New Fill or Adjustment layer" icon, and choose "curves" in the dropping menu...


Click on the curve and drag it to the right to darken the sketch... When it's done press OK

Step7-adjusting the curves


you get the sketch we'll use in the 2nd part of this tutorial... You're ready to put watercolor on it... Go to the next page

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