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101 Projects
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Ros Badger

Expand your creativity!

Home Deco Step

Homemade contains over one hundred craft projects that require you to look no further than your very own home.



My Favorite Art Book:
I Love to Paint !

Jennifer Lipsey

Here's a book that is as attractive as it is useful

I love paint Jennifer Lipsey

Following introductory information about supplies, each spread, framed on bright-white pages, introduces a different technique, beginning with finger painting...



Abstract Painting :
Concepts Techniques

Vicky Perry

Learn abstract painting... very easily !

Abstract paintings

Vicky Perry shows you the abstract painting secrecies...


Logo CultureCultura is currently an independent chain of 44 stores specializing in all artistic and cultural expressions.

Suffice to say that the HOMEMADE CANVAS ART occupies a privileged place.

One can even find on their site a series of fact-packed and hyper-documented ideas of HOMEMADE ... Not to be missed!

HD Workshop

For those who do not know ...

CULTURA Homemade art pages

These specification sheets have been published on the website CULTURA ... But it takes a little perseverance to find them because they are not always very accessible.

And that's unfortunate because they are small wonders, each time focusing on particular themes, which allow you to satisfy your desires to learn and create.

For instance ... FLORAL CALLIGRAPHY specification sheet.

On page 1, achieving complete with a list of all useful supplies: canvas frames, colors, tools ... and an estimate of the level and cost of production:


Cultura fiche 22
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On page 2, the step by step and models:

Fact cultura22
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There are about two dozen ... impossible to all present them to you ! Here is a selection of 8 of them ... the ones I prefer (but it is an entirely subjective and personal matter )!


Black and White for this entry: 3H embodiment, medium level and cost ... 
For those who like clean and simple structures. Ideal for beginners.



Fact cultura29

Rose from Asia both Zen and Coloured alternative of Magenta and Black.
Models of flowers (Chrysanthemum stylized?) are superb.
A little less simple than the last.



Graphiti (thank you for the neologism!). You'll say I like the black and white! It is true that I find this model super and the bright green recall are particularly vibrate.
Good graphics for use in your own paintings.
Difficulty and cost means

Asymmetry is a particularly graphic simplicity.
You'll get a quick result with few resources and technology.
Therefore a model to recommend to those start a homemade art work.



A little exotic and "pachouli" scents to this pageIndia.
On medium difficulty, you'll love these hot pink and red camaieus .
Note also the use of decorative touch to simulate stitching.



Cultura43Linen and lace is relatively simple to achieve if you control the use of modeling paste (you can advantageously replace by plaster patching slightly relaxed with some water).
Graphics are effective and gilded splinters give it a unusual brightness.
Quite expensive if you buy all the equipment and supplies.

All the Fishes of the Pacific ... Finally a home decoration for kids! <br /> <br /> From 8 years </p> You will help him to build his first decorated canvas!
Ideal to fill a rainy afternoon holiday!



Boute now
Boute en Train. This is one of the last released data sheets and you can get inspired to decorate the bedroom of your youngest child.
A reasonable budget and a simple realization: to implement while your children are working on "Fishes of the Pacific".




Transparencies...This is one of the easiest to achieve ... and at the same time, it is an excellent introduction to modern painting.

Flashy colors ... but tender giving plenty of pace in this homemade canvas art.



Cultura26Pink, blue and anise ... Very soft colors and graphics developed but simple to achieve.

This collage of four pictures requires a little equipment and supplies. Neo-classique is a very feminine achievement you'll enjoy painting.




Arctic Blue ... This is not one of the easiest to do ...

His highly sought after graphic will ask you to attention and care. The cool tones in shades of blue, shades reminiscent of icebergs floating off the coast of Canada! Very nice!



That, and do not forget to check out the other cards directly on the CULTURA site !


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