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Making pictures
frames in wood

Manly Bannister


Create all kinds of picture frames from simple wood mouldings to elaborate carved types.

Clear instructions on matting, texturing, finishing....


Wood finishing...
Bob Flexner


I have bought a number of books on woodworking, as well as a few on wood finishing.

This is by far the best book on finishing that I have come across.

The book takes all the mystery out of all the different types of finishing materials and finishing processes...

Home Book of Picture

by Ken Oberreicht

One of the best ! I think ! Over 40,000 copies of the first edition sold : it cannot be an error !

Homebook of picture framing
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This home Book of Picture Framing is the most comprehensive guide to mounting, matting, and framing oil paintings, watercolors, posters, photographs, calendar pages, and greeting cards without spending a fortune...

Great !


Collage picture frames have a very modern lookPhoto Collage frame Finishedand are increasingly more and more sought after...

Open Google with as a keyword "COLLAGE PICTURE FRAME" and you will be surprised by the variety of the offer ... and also by the diversity of the prices !

If you DIY this Collage Picture Frame you will obtain a very cheap frame... less than 4€ !

The one I propose you in this page will have no big problem of manufacturing or tooling ... for a perfect result if you work with care ...




. A picture framer saw with its adjustable stop
. Two or three clamps
. Wood Fast Glue 
. 40x10 North fir lumber) 
. Color wax (gray flannel color)
. Cardboard for the backing ...
. Optionally, a custom cut protective glass.


Equipment Needed for Multi view frame



The assemblies have been simplified to the extreme... Modern glues are extremely powerful and a simple gluing "by the ends" is very durable.

Therefore it is sufficient to cut in the 40x10 lumber 2 lengths 43cm and 4 lengths of 14cm (adjust the size according to the lumber you find)... so we have a 3 windows-frame each scheduled for a 10x15 photo (click to enlarge the plan) :


photo collage blueprint


Start by adjusting your framer saw stop on 43cm ... and cut the first 2 lengths. Now set the stop to 14cm and cut the 4 spacers (see the page cutting with a stop block).


cutting elements with picture framer saw


You've got now the 6 bars necessary for the building of the picture collage frame.

Elements Multi views

It is time now to trace benchmarks before sticking ... On one of the 43 cm bars, draw with a pencil marks to 4cm, 13cm, 17cm, 26cm, 30cm, 39cm (if you have 4cm wide lumber...)

Put the two 43cm bars and align them properly. With the square and using the marks you just made, draw marks on each bar.


Marks on the bars

Now have all the pieces in front of you and do a "dry assembly" to see if everything is correct.

Dry assembly of the collage frame

Putting the Pieces

Apply fast wood glue to the ends of 4 small spacers ... Then go to the assembly!

A good carpentry joining, is a joining that was tight during the drying of the glue (if your joints do not work, it's certainly a lack of clamping!). It is therefore essential to put clamps, they will be easier to put if you raised your elements on small blocks before assembly.

clamping during drying


With speed glue, 3:00 drying suffice. Otherwise leave to ten hours.


Start by carefully sand your frame : start with a medium 80 paper and finish with fine 120 paper . Logically, this step is not longer if you were careful during assembly!

Then go to the dying of your frame. There is a product called "Wax and Tint Color" found only a supermarket (Geant and Leclerc) under the brand "Diamantine". Theoretically monolayer (but 2 or 3 are better !) attractive colors ... and tools clean up with water ! I've chosen the gray flanel color.

Two coats with a notification period of 2 hours between each coat ... Then, get a fine steel wool to remove surplus and satin surface: when you get a very smooth appearance waxed beautifully.

Dyeing and waxing

You can also tint your timber of a suitable color to your home (prefer alcohol colors to does not raise the wood fibers) ... Then wax with furniture wax or even some clear shoe-wax (excellent!) and finish with fine steel wool.

Alternatively coat two layers of satin varnish, stain or not to your taste ... but you must love varnish !


Put your photos ...

In a 10x10 lumber cut and paste on the back of your frame a false 7mm molding inner edges (click to enlarge the photo below).


making a false rabbet

Cut now to the dimensions of your blind window, a piece of thick cardboard which will be the backing ... Introduce it into the frame and with a pencil, mark where you'll paste your photos.


putting the Backboard

Place the photos on the locations you've marked... possibly put the glass ... and secure it with a few fine nails slanting depressed ... Your collage picture frame is now finished. Fasten a hook on the back and hang it!


photo collage frame Finished