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POPism is Warhol’s personal view of the Pop phenomenon in New York in the 1960s and a look back at the relationships that made up the scene at the Factory, including his rela­tionship with Edie Sedgewick, focus of the upcoming film Factory Girl.

 In the detached, back-fence gossip style he was famous for, Warhol tells all—the ultimate inside story of a decade of cultural revolution.


WARHOL, portraits.

Warhol, portraits

 Titled "Andy Warhol: Portraits of the 1970s," the Whitney exhibition presented for the first time a large array of the commissioned portraits that the artist began in the early 1970s as a way to offset the cost of multiplying activities at the Factory.

Shafrazi's exhibition included many of the portraits shown in the original Whitney exhibition as well as others.

This volume takes Shafrazi's exhibition even further, nearly doubling the number of works shown...


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Bob Marley by Warhol


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Warhol to lictenstein


Imitate Andy Warhol!

You want to work as ANDY WARHOL? So why dot not train with a picture of the too pretty Britney Spears? And make this 4 parts pop-art !

Warhol pop art Brtitney Spears

Download the Britney Spears photo... and open it in your image processor Photoshop (or equivalent : Photofilter, Paint Shop Pro, GIMP ...)

The method used here ...

Here, at the beginning, the layers window:

window layers init

Duplicate the layer by > Layer> Duplicate Layer. Then hide the Background by clicking on its eye ... It is always better to work on a copy!

Copy of the back plane


Start now by checking on the toolbar on the left that foregroundcolors and background are selected on BLACK and WHITE.

Photoshop design front and rear


1 - Hiding the background

We must first get rid "white" areas of the photo ...

For this, I suggest you use the mask mode in Photoshop to isolate them easily ... (But if you know how to use the pen tool ... it is better !).

So click on the button mask mode in the toolbar. Select the brush, set its size (size 40 for example) and the black color (which should already be selected).

Now paint the areas you want to remove ... Selected areas appear pink. Do not worry if you have "overflowed" ... You'll be able to correct easily after !


Zones 1 masquéées

To correct overflowss you repaint, above, with white color at this time. Set your brush finest (size 10 for example) and paint on dark pink parts.

If you overflow again ... resume with black color to hide again ...

End mask mode

When all is OK, click the mask button a selection appears ...

Invert this selection:> Select> Inverse (Shift + Ctrl + i).

Remove this selection by pressing the Delete ...

Warhol Britney Selection

Deselect before proceeding to the next step by:> Select> Deselect (Ctrl + D)


2 - Using threshold command

Duplicate the layer that you previously obtained ... > Layer> Duplicate Layer and name the new layer: WORK.

Click the eye of the Background Copy layer to make it invisible.


You will now apply the command Treshold by typing Image>Adjustments>Threshold . So, the image will be made ​​with only black and white colors without intermediaries tones .


I left the value 128 which is a good compromise ... Confirm with OK.

3 - Color Layer

Put the WORK layer in Multiply mode...

Switching to product

Then create a new layer: Name it : COLORS and place it below the WORK laye(> Layer> New> Layer) ...

Start painting Britney blond hair using the brush (size 30) ... (In fact, because of the multiply mode, the colors appear only on the white areas of the upper layer)


For other colors ... it should go faster since you will use the paint bucket tool of the toolbar. Set the tool options ... Select:contiguous and all layers.

Choose a flesh-color, and pour the color on the arms and face of Britney ... Similarly, color the Britney's hat ...

With the brush, finally, paint the lips and, why not, the whites of the eyes in bright orange ...

Warhol spears


4 - Backgrounds

Create a new layer FOND1 and place it under the layer COLORS. Take the paint bucket tool, uncheck all layers.Choose a blue color that suits you and pour it on the FOND1 layer...

Create and color successively FOND2 layer , and FOND3 FOND4 ...


5 - Making of final image

Click the eye FOND1 ... Select any image Ctrl + A or Select> All and then Edit> Copy Fusion (or simply Ctrl + Shift + C).

Create a new image dimensions of 1600x1600 and paste in your selection ... Return to your previous image, this time made ​​up the FOND2 ... select all and Copy Merged ... Return paste the selection into the new image ...

Formation of the final image

When you've pasted the four images ... Use the crop tool to eventually crop white margins that are uneven ...

Warhol final Britney Spears

Email your work to your photo-printing site to print it on a square canvas... for a low price : SnapFish, Canvasdiscount...