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The editors of Scrapbooks etc. have collected 365 scrapbook ideas to keep you scrapping all year long!

365 ideas

365 Days of Scrapbooking Ideas is the ultimate idea book for scrappers who are looking for fun and fresh ways to preserve memories and create beautiful scrapbooking layouts!



The real fun in scrapbooking is obviously to create amazing pages with the incessant search of the little "plus", of the detail that will catch eyes and attract attention. This detail is called the embellishment.


Embellishments are small metal, wood, pulp, plastic, embroidery, or flowers decorations .., which concur to create personal and unique layouts . As creativity is always appreciated, you can use all the decorating accessories that you can imagine, even the more unexpected !

There is, in the scrapbooking stores, a multitude of objects of decoration for your pages, they are sometimes handy when you're in idea shortage : This page attempts to classify them, but they are not limited to that described because each scrapbooking trade mark invent monthly new embellishments!


Small metal objects.

a) brads or fasteners. They will be used brads to fix something on your sheet (flower, photo, ticket ...) or simply used alone as a decoration.
To place them, you must first make a hole with an awl or a small punch, insert the brad into the hole and fold up the two sides from the back.
They exist with extremely varied shapes and colors.


b) the eyelets or grommets. These are small metal objects which are placed in a hole in the sheet using a special tool (punch) and are crimped in the back with a small tool called setter.

scrapbooking tools As with brads, colors and sizes are varied: each brand decline a dozen of different models which are found in the shape of a heart, flower ...

Eyelets are available in different sizes and many colors : they can serve as simple decoration or can be used to link multiple components or even serve as a transition and crossing for a wire or a ribbon ...

c) The safety pins. Regular or reduced in size, gilded, silver or painted they will be useful to attach a charm or even just to decorate.


Clips and clippies. They are all staples, paper clips and drawing clamps of all sizes which again are used as such as a decoration or for attaching some elements of the decor between them in a reversible manner.


These ties can be presented as this or altered.


e) Bookplates or label holders. They are most commonly made of painted metal and are used as Bookplates embellishments.

A bookplate is very useful to highlight a name, an event, a word or a date.

You can make your own from templates, and with some paint, give them a metallic appearance.

They are fixed by adhesive or with small brads.



f) The Charms (médailles ou breloques) that can be hang Charms with mini-pins.

The buckles (boucles) to associate with the ribbons that will be used to close the albums.

The hinges (crochets) of all sizes, safety pins (safety pins) that are sold in all sizes and all colors.

The wire (fil métallique) used as is or twisted or even used to write a name ... or to draw a simple form ...

A place to find tons of trinkets, medals and charms of all kinds ... it can always give ideas! SEE HERE


Small items out of cardboard, plastic, paper ...

a) flowers. They are very friendly ways of decoration and are declined in a multitude of formats,flowersmaterials, colors and style. You can find them in all the scrapbooking stores .

You can also use all natural dried flowers that you've picked up during your walks.

To fix them, use a brad or sew them or secure them to the page with double side adhesive tape...

Many scrapbooking brands are distributing "scrapbooking" flowers, among the best known include: Artemio, Prima, Rayher ...

b) the anchors or flippies or photo turn. Small aluminum or plastic pieces that can be attached with a brad. In general, it is bought with matching brads although this is not a requirement!

Originally, there were such flips behind a picture frame to attach the photo that was placed there. Its use has now been diverted to appear now on scrapbooking pages.

c) the buttons or boutons. They find their spot on buttons all scrapbook pages. Very practical, they can easily embellish and create unique effects.

For example, you can create your own letters by pasting your buttons next to each other, or even create a frieze around your photos. Buttons can also be objects : the wheels of a carriage, Christmas balls ...

You can set the buttons by sewing or gluing, with glue-dots (not always easy to use... difficult to separate off your fingers) or with double sided adhesive tape.

Digging a bit in your home, or better, in the attic of your grandmother, you will probably find some old boxes full of buttons and other sewing items that you can use for your scrapbook pages. Feel free to use them and if some buttons have a ring that you find annoying, cut it with a cutting plier!

d) die-cut or découpes. These are little shapes, Die Cut cut out of cardboard or lightweight wood or plastic. Most of the time they are sold in plates illustrating a specific theme: gardening, sea, genealogy, flowers, hearts ...

Just for showing you the extreme diversity of the die-cut, I leave you HERE a link that gives a small idea of it. There are so many brands that have developed die-cut sections!

e) tags or labels. Large luggage tagsLabelshave been diverted during a long time by scrappers to decorate their pages.

Since the basic label to the tag with varied forms, they are found in all scrap retailer articles.

Tags are used for decoration or journaling for your pages. You will attach them to the sheet with a brad, ribbon or fiber ... you sometimes hide them behind a picture or a library-pocket from where they will have to be extracted to read them!

You can also do it yourself tags and labels... Some sites offer free templates to print, cut and paste on cardboard. For a first address, click HERE . Remember to punch the label and stick paper or fabric eyelets before attaching.

f) The slides frames are plastic or cardboard frames which are painted and decorated and are used to frame a text, a play, a title ...

The stamps or postal stamps, true or faux postage add a touch of whimsy to your page. To make yourself false stamps, there are "cranking scissors" that mimic the real stamp perforations (if you're a perfectionnist, have a look on this page to obtain true like perfos...).

There are also rubber stamps for printing a shape of stamp on your paper. Some fonts (see HERE) imitate cancellations and are very convenient.

Small objects made of fabric, fiber, yarn ...

a) The ribbons or rubans. You will find them in a drapery in all widths, textures and colors.ribbons and buttons

Real personalized embellishements the ribbons give relief, color and gaiety to your scrapbooking works.

To fix on your worksheet, you can sew with large points, use eyelets, glue ... or even stapple them : everything is possible.

There are ribbons stickers ready to put : the magic mesh, so stiff grosgrain.

Are often used ribbons for tying knots, making pretty tied bows! But do you know how to make a pretty bow? Come see HERE a technique that works every time! We also use ribbons to hang a tag, a charm.

b) Strings and other fibers. Raffia, fibers, wool and twistart ... These materials are used in many ways : with a big string glued on the sheet, we can make a frame around a picture. You can also hang letters on a string to form lacing a title ...

These are not ideas that lack of use.

Come HERE to see how we can even write with a string. Remember also to use these fibers when you connect your mini-albums. And finally, with eyelets, you can make a kind of ties at the very decorative effect.

c) The laces or dentelles, the prettiest ones you will find are in boxes forgotten by your grandma ... and will be the most beautiful effects in your vintage pages laces   laces (Heritage).

You can also buy with a low cost some old laces in flea markets or even garage sales!

Otherwise all of scrap items dealers have them in their stores.

Use them without moderation as frames or guidelines for your photos or even glued directly onto your page. They bring an old hand, old-fashioned, charming ... a little "out of time" to your scrap works.

Free embellishments

Many sites offer free embellishments, especially for use in digital scrapbooking. Run a search on Google or Yahoo on the word "freebies embellishments" ...

These include, without attempting to classify :

- A cave with treasures for the virtual scrapbookers. Paper, embellishments, sketches ... all is there! Well referenced and with a more than enough content, this site is one of the references in the field!

- is a well known English site addicted to digital scrapbookers. Stroll through its menus to discover their wide selection of embellishments ...

- In French. It is also a commercial site but the Freebies section is particularly interesting.

- One of the many blogs that distribute and share beautiful freebies. Here you can download complete kits including paper and embellishments.

Pay less for your embellishments

When we are tempted, the bill can rise very quickly! Then take a look on ebay ... and search on any of the keywords in bold on this page ...

For example a search about tags provides 340 results (a good half for scrapbooking!) The word charms give him, 950 results. Scrapbooking gives so it must be not specified more!