Modeles de pebble art


Templates for your pebble boards

In this page, several subjects for your pebble-art paintings, subjects that come back frequently; especially in the compositions proposed by those who sell "pebble-art"...

Here is the last part of our research: Outside the house, work, daily life...

ArtWork of pebbles "In the garden...".

Flowers, trees, benches on which it is good to rest... These paintings a little intimate where people enjoy moments of sweetness.

Trees in pebble-art...

Trees are a subject rich in elaborate artistic achievements... In general, the trunks and branches are made of driftwood, the leaves can be treated either in pebbles or in rolled glass... This gives a great freedom of creation!


Paintings of pebbles theme music

Curiously, this theme with its wide possibilities seems less attractive than the others: piano, guitar are the main subjects. There is still plenty of room for creations: double bass, trumpet, sax... it's up to you to create!!!


Dance in Pebble-Art...

Le thème de la danse est très porteur en Pebble-art : les attitudes et les mouvements de bras gracieux se prêtent particulièrement à l'exercice... Regardez la puissance évocatrice du "Tango" ci-dessous réalisé avec des morceaux de verre roulés (sea glass) et des galets noirs... Une oeuvre d'art !

This is it... We've just about done a tour of the possibilities offered by pebble paintings: don't be disappointed if your first attempts are not too "artistic"... keep working with confidence, it just takes a bit of practice!