Wall photo collage start-up assistance !

Picture frame layout assistance !

Want to create a new decor ?


Want to create a wall of pictures ? Want to hang frames in your staircase to make a family gallery ? It's a excellent way to give your home a new decor !

But you do not know where to start and you are afraid to go wrong ... You don't kow how to select and distribute the frames...

Well, you hesitate to go alone because you fear it'll be too hard and not turn out right...

Don't panic... I can help you !!! And I'll give you all distance-tips and advices necessary for an attractive and successfull layout.

We will keep in touch by mail until your layout will be completed...

Picture frame Layout completed


How much is it ?

For only the price of 1 or 2 empty frames (Much less expensive than an interior designer : only US$ 30 for a stairways layout) ... you save time and money by going directly to the good photo wall collage ...

No more numerous holes to patch in your wall, no more touch up painting to do : your frames will be immediatly at the right place !


 How we do ?

You take a photo of your wall or your staircase ... You measure its length and height ... and you send me these measures with your photo by mail ... (Before taking the picture, you make a mark 65' high on the wall with a piece of tape)

Picture frame layout 1

You give me some indications about of the photos you want to hang on (and eventually the size and number of frames you will be using) ... If you don't know the frames to buy, I'll give you later tips and advices about frames to be buyed...

My job... and yours...

I work then directly on the photos you sent me by drawing on them the locations of the frames you want to expose ... and I forward you the project.

Upon receipt of this initial work, you trace your frame shapes onto newspaper or packing paper and you cut out these shapes (Important : don't forget to mark with a felt the place of the hanging). Then you tape them on the wall using with blue painter's tape...  to the locations that I have indicated.


It's now time to take again a photo you send me ... I will then advise you about fine adjustments and offer various aesthetic solutions ... Evently I suggest you additionnal frames...

I give you tips about UNITY and DIVERSITY for a balanced layout...

Together we find the good layout for yor home (the good layout is the layout you feel working fine in your home !) : it's not MY layout but YOURS !



Until you are satisfied, you can take pictures again and send them ... and I'll give you all my tips to succeed your wall art collage !

Testimonials... example

Recently, I worked with Erin about creating a wall photo collage going up a staircaise... she gave me permission to use her photos on the site...



To complete her project, it took about twenty mails : often several in one day ... and 10 days !!!

Read here her first mail I received...


I have been visiting your website and reading the article about creating a photo wall collage going up a staircase. However, I am struggling with the layout and measurements because we have crown molding at the bottom of the wall that goes up 42 inches, so by the time I establish the 1,65m (5 feet 5 in) baseline for the "top frames" there is not much space below them to fill in all the other frames. Any advice for this situation?  There is also a doorway at the base of the stairs that is creating a difficult angel.

I have attached a photo of the wall. Also, can you tell me the size/dimensions of the frames you used in your illustration? Thank you,

and the last one... 9 days later :


Thank you very much! It was a lot of work but definitely worth it in the end. now I just have some holes to patch in the wall and some touch up painting to do! haha. Yes, of course you may use the photos, you were a huge help to me in this project and I appreciate all of your time and suggestions. Thanks again, George,


Send me a photo...

Take a photo of the place you want hang frames... and send it by mail. Say me the kind of pictures you have... how many frames you plan... Tell me your house !

I'll answer you quickly and give you some starting points... Even if my English is not great, we will go to get along fine.


Send me your photo to get an attractive layout