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The last century ...

Ah ... the good old days before! You remember? NO? This is normal, you were not born ... was in 1970 ... in other words centuries ago!

The digital camera did not exist ... was the time of the B&W film (nothing to do with Panda-bears).

And when taking a picture, you must wait until the film is completed to bring it to develop at the photographer's store and get your shots 3 days later... Briefly, prehistory!

When suddenly arrives :...TAA ...TAA ... TAAAAAA ! The PO-LA-RO-ID ! No need to wait, or so little: as soon as the photo was taken, it was ejected from the camera and before our dazzled eyes ... it is slowly ... for, after 3 minutes longer be full. It is Progress!

Yet this inimitable image with improbable colors, super-saturated, slightly blurred never failed to charm ! it was perfectly recognizable thanks to its special format among thousands of others pictures

And then appears the digital camera ... whose fast development rings the death knell of old processes : POLAROID society closes in 2008 the "instant films" division after a long illness ... END of the GAME! The future of the instant photo seems blocked!

polaroid pictures


Polaroid enthusiasts

polaroid love A team of foolish of instant photos , nostalgic for the good old days have created a site ... Go to visit it if you love those old polaroid photos with the inimitable charm ... and if, in your attic, you find one of these old machines may be you find there a pack film (10 views statutory) from the dark ages !

You want your Polaroid photos ?

Well you can! Thanks to a great little program, you can integrate your polaroids in your VINTAGE pages !

This software is Poladroid! It is an image generator in the manner of a Polaroid ™ that produces the final images in high resolution (400 dpi) having a real Polaroid ™-like look and which can be printed or directly put in your Scrapbooking pages.

group polaroid

It is a non-standard software, downright offbeat, which reproduces all qualities and defects of a real Polaroid picture : an unique rendering.

The improbable images :

- Have the square centring and wide bottom margin.
- Change in color with time as and wherever they appear.
- Are strongly more lighter in the center than at the edges.
- Are affected ... as true ones: scratches, dust, finger prints ...
- The colors are "pushed" to the extreme by a sudden film processing...

Finally, we are surprised to discover again the picture we was supposed to know ..

Want to try? It's easy!

First download the free software Poladroid (not a trial version ... it's really freeware!)

Download windows   Download for Mac

Then unzip the downloaded file and click on the ".msi" file (windows) to install the program Poladroid. A launch icon appears on the Windows desktop.

Now, go to the images processing !

Using Poladroid software

Run the application from the windows desktop ... a beautiful Polaroid camera appears. Arrange on the desktop some JPEG photos to process ...



Drag with the mouse your JPEG files directly on the camera. A few seconds and the first picture is ejected. As in reality! It'll just wait for the picture to appear ... slowly ... very slowly (You can shake the photo to expedite the processing... this is not a joke !).

Here are the images being developed:


Once an image is fully revealed, a red cross appears in the bottom margin and a buzzer sounds to warn you. By clicking (right click) on the image, you can then save the 400dpi Polaroid image ... Print or use it in your Vintage Scrapbooking page.

Job 3

For those who want to "see" First, a little video: ->Voir la video

Settings and customization
for POLADROID software

By clicking on the white / blue dot above the camera, you have access to set options. Enjoy!

Last note ... Just for a smile, if you treat several times the same picture ... you will see that each time, like a real polaroid, the results are not identical!