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The Complete Photo
Guide to Framing and
Displaying Artwork

by Vivian Carli Kistler


Framing and display
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The author provides inspiration and helpful examples to show people how to display their artwork using basic design principles in a manner that is easily grasped.

An Amazon best !

Home Book of Picture
by Ken Oberreicht

One of the best ! I think ! Over 40,000 copies of the first edition sold : it cannot be an error !

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This home Book of Picture Framing is the most comprehensive guide to mounting, matting, and framing oil paintings, watercolors, posters, photographs, calendar pages, and greeting cards without spending a fortune...


Frame It! (Paperback)
Tonia Davenport

Frame it
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Customers review are the better test for the book!

... The book is an extremely comprehensive guide for standard framing techniques, but what I really love are the more creative, non-standard techniques Tonia shows as well... (by Corey)

...Framing can be intimidating, but she glides and guides us right past that with clear basic guidelines, classy projects, and her own very creative artwork... (by Gloria)

Domino : the book of

Deb Needleman, Sara Costello...

Domino decorating
Domino book of decorating

Cracks the code to creating a beautiful home... an indispensable style manual.

Inspired Interiors
Suzanne Kasler

Insoired interiors decorating

Suzanne Kasler is known for her classically inspired rooms, pretty palettes, and comfortable spaces.

A lot of deco ideas !

How to layout your picture frames on a wall?

Frames, paintings, photographs are the culmination of a successful design. It is a true reflection of your personality.french frames layout

Finding a place for a painting on a wall is very easy... finding ITS place is more tricky!

An humorist says that the easiest thing about hanging a painting is doing it wrong !

So how to do when it comes to group multiple frames next to each other ? How to arrange them to have a harmonious layout?

Reply to this last question immediately wakes up the quarrel of "old" and "modern" : the supporters of classical style immediately oppose to modernism and diversity fans.

Do not go back into the argument. There are no magic formulas when it comes to picture hanging. You’ve only to trust your eyes !

However there are some basic rules that will help to lay out your picture frames... and as for all the rules, don't hesitate to break them if your ideas seems correct for your room.

Group your pictures!

Create groups of frames : by subject, by color, or material ... This will give a certain unity to your exposure :

. The topic ... landscapes, portraits, heirlooms, pencil drawings, pictures of flowers or birds ...

. The color of the frames is as important as the dominant color of the subject. This color must be in harmony with the place (the color of the wall...) where they're hanged ...

. The kind of art ... same type of frames (wood, metal, plastic), the same shape (rounded frame b.e.), the same type of media (oil, acrylic, watercolor, photography ...).

There are some advises in this video from Expert-Village...



Where to place frames and how enlightening.

Usually it is better for obvious reasons of conservation to avoid locations illuminated by direct light: some pigments (including pastels) did not resist. Therefore proscribe locations south or facing a window.

If you want to illuminate your art-works, avoid destructive UV-rich lighting (eg halogens). Incandescent lamps or energy saving lamps are still what is best (don't forget L.E.D. bulbs !)

Avoid placing a small frame alone on a large wall ... Find it rather a place between two windows, between two pieces of furniture ... and center always this element isolated from its surroundings. On the contrary, a large frame can perfectly be in place on a small wall ... everything is a matter of feeling.

Pay attention not hanging too high your frames ... the proper height is that which puts the center of the picture at eye level ... So approximately 1.60 m above the ground! (5 feet high from the floor to the center of the picture being hung).

It is an excellent manner to arrange your lay-out than put all the frame centers on a line at eye level.

Before hanging, arrange them flat on the ground to judge the effect.


Available online

Available in horizontal line, the classic is to focus the frame centers on the same horizontal line. This provision is most commonly used. It provides sets relatively well balanced:

frame layout

But you might choose an alignment of the outer edges up or down! This lay-out will give a very modern if you not abused it !

top align frames layout   

bottom align frames layout

Similarly, you can lay out the frames centers on a vertical line ... initially focused on this line or to attract attention, lined up by their outer edges (likely!)

vertical align frames layout    align frames layout

Horizontal alignments "lengthen" visually the room where they are while with a vertical line the ceilings appear higher.


Regular arrangement

If you have several frames of identical or similar dimensions, bring them closer and adopt a composition which will create unity ... The repetition of identical forms will create a ryhtme who drive the wall where they are.

Reduce the distance between your frames while spacing them regularly. Draw a line (3 frames) a square (4 frames) a rectangle (6 frames) ...

frames regular arrangement     square frames arrangement

It's a good idea for an eye-catching effect.

Symmetrical arrangement

It is suited for series of small frames of the same dimensions as well as for frames of various sizes. You can provide frames symmetrically to a straight vertical or horizontal.

It is the ideal arrangement above a lower cabinet, a sofa ...

symetrical frames layout

The symmetry can be vertical ... or horizontal

horizontal symetrical frames arrangement

or both.

symetrical frames arrangement

Geometrical arrangement

The intention is to combine the picture frames within a virtual geometric shape that anybody can guess watching all.

You can search for groupings such as square, rectangular, oval, triangle ...

Here square ...

geometrical frame arrangement

and oval ...

oval frames arrangement

Remember to give to the most important piece a central position, just at the eye level... Then, separate 2 frames with same size by a smaller one. This give to your lay-out rythm and energy.

Just a little tip

It's a good idea to lay out the frames on the ground before hanging them on the wall...

Lay out on the graound

Thus, you can move and arrange them until finding an arrangement you like.

Arrangement over a piece of furniture

In general, if a frame is placed above a lower piece of furniture (low sideboard, dresser, sofa ...) then you have to center it from this furniture.

But in the case of drawers on which there are already put objects, it is better to adopt a staggered manner to restore balance to the whole.

Avoid this:

avoid this layout


and instead prefer :

asymetrical frames layout 

And then ...

And then everyone does as he pleases ... therefore you must sometimes deviate from the "conventional rules" to further customize the interior.

Respect layout rules !

Placing his paintings pell-mell, without order or restraint, relying solely on his instinctive feeling gives sometimes excellent results : it is sufficient only to dare!

Some ideas for your decor
To be continued...


How to align picture frames To be continued on how to hang a picture frame